If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then the soon-to-open Tiffany store in Las Vegas will likely be drawing lots of female shoppers away from the slots. While the store’s glittery and sparkly jewels may be what first catches the eye of most shoppers, for others (and you know who you are) the building itself-both exterior and interior-will be just as much of an attention grabber. 

The new two-level store, expected to open in December, will be located in Crystals, CityCenter’s 500,000-square-foot retail and entertainment district designed by Studio Daniel Libeskind and Rockwell Group. On both the inside and out, glass was a significant design element. In fact, the store will feature an 85-foot-high glass façade that cants slightly over the street to resemble a diamond. Once inside, visitors will find a crystalline stone and glass staircase lit from beneath to emphasize the curve of the stairs that shine through the glass façade.

Of course, there are also large panels of glass that you can gaze through to take in all the glitzy scenery Las Vegas has to offer. For others, though, I would bet they’re more enthralled by the scenery that will be available inside the store, rather than what’s out on the strip.

I would have to guess that a lot of us out there would like to design our own dream building, created with our favorite things in mind. As in this case, Tiffany & Co. itself designed the new Las Vegas store, and based on the details, from the diamond-like façade to the sparkly staircase, it’s easy to see the distinctive characteristics and features that reflect the store’s heritage.

And on that note, you tell me: if you were to design your very own building-one that reflected your style, tastes, likes and dislikes-what kind of structure would it be? The sky’s the limit these days when it comes to design. So don’t be shy and let me knwo what you think. As for me? I’ll take a diamond store any day, thank you very much.