Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) announced that its protective glass coating, Diamon-Fusion, underwent a series of compatibility and adhesion tests using GE branded silicon sealants from Momentive Performance Materials, a provider of component sealants for insulating and residential glass.

The tests revealed no adverse reaction to GE branded silicones during testing of both the Diamon-Fusion hand application and vapor application process.

“We were pleased to see the positive results when testing GE branded silicones on Diamon-Fusion treated glass, which showed no adverse reactions on adhesion or compatibility,” says Syndi Sim, vice president of marketing and business development at DFI. “Momentive is a significant leader in the marketplace and premier global high-performance silicone and specialty company.”

The test results show that with one isopropyl alcohol (IPA) wipe on the bonding area, the GE silicone products tested had 100% cohesive results. According to DFI, there was no discoloration, delamination or change of the coating. The vapor test provided the same results.

Momentive’s Sealants Lab completed the tests using the following standardized test methods for adhesion and compatibility:

  • ETAG 002 Part 1, Section peel test
  • ISO 23658 Testing of adhesion properties using a bead peel test
  • ASTM C794 Standard Test Method for Adhesion-in-Peel of Elastomeric Joint Sealants
  • ASTM C1087 Standard Test Method for Determining Compatibility of Liquid-Applied Sealants with Accessories Used in Structural Glazing Systems