On the heels of glasstec 2014, Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) announced the first FuseCube installation in Europe as a result of a partnership with Mamparas Doccia.

According to DFI, the patented protective nano-coating application chamber FuseCube is a fully automated system that can provide glass fabricators and manufacturers savings in both material and labor costs compared to the traditional spray-application coatings, while adding industrial flexibility and added-value.

Mamparas Doccia is a European shower door manufacturer with a sales and distribution network throughout Europe, Africa, the Caribbean region and South America.

“The  higher demand for our products has dictated that we look for a more efficient way, both from a cost-effectiveness standpoint and higher quality  coating system to add more value to our customers worldwide,” says Alfonso Pérez Álvarez, managing director of Mamparas Doccia. “Therefore, by replacing our traditional spray-application coating with the premium Diamon-Fusion coating, we’ve accomplished our goal while increasing productivity.”