Salem Fabrication Technologies Group, Elettromeccanica Bovone Continue Partnership

Elettromeccanica Bovone Srl has worked with exclusive North American partner Salem Fabrication Technologies Group for 45 years. That partnership will continue into 2021. Salem will offer service, parts and supplies, and Bovone North America will handle information and new sales of equipment and Industry 4.0 enhancements.

Salem recently restructured and now has two distinct divisions, Salem Fabrication Supplies—offering all glass fabrication tooling and supplies to the industry—and HHH Equipment Resources, providing equipment and leading technical service and support including repair and periodic maintenance contracts. Salem will offer these services, OEM parts and other tools and supplies to all existing and new Bovone customers in North America.

“Our continuing partnership defines the glass industry’s standard for high quality machinery, cost-effective, innovative tooling and supplies and deep knowledge and expertise from our technical service and support staff,” says Mike Willard, CEO of Salem Fabrication Technologies Group.

“Our physical expansion in the U.S. along with the support of our longtime partner, Salem, will help us continue to meet the demands of our loyal customer base while expanding our market share of glass processing machinery,” says Federica Bovone, CEO of Electromeccanica Bovone.

Xinyi Eyes Ontario Town for First Canadian Facility

Xinyi Canada Glass is discussing with officials in Stratford, Ontario, the possibility of building its first Canadian glass manufacturing facility in the town.

Xinyi Canada Glass has been pursuing a manufacturing facility in Ontario since 2018. According to CBC News, the council of Guelph Eramosa Township, Ontario, blocked Xinyi’s plans to build its plant there in July 2018 due to the amount of water that would have been needed for the operation. CTV News reports that, since the new potential site was announced in late October 2020, some Stratford citizens have protested against the factory due to environmental concerns and the circumvention of normal planning and public debate. Company president Tommy Wong released a statement addressing several claims and defending the proposal:

“There have been many misleading claims recently about Xinyi Canada Glass Limited’s proposed $400 million floating glass facility in Stratford, Ontario. This includes a December 15, CBC News article quoting several false allegations from opposition groups about the objectives and impacts of this facility on the community. We are deeply disappointed that this misinformation has spread online and in the media. While our track record speaks for itself, we feel the need to correct the record, not only for the future of the Stratford project, but for our valued current workforce, customers and partners …

… The proposed Stratford facility would benefit not only the local community, but also workers in Ontario’s automotive, manufacturing and construction sectors. Canada is currently 100% reliant on the importation of float glass products. This plant will allow Canada to produce float glass products domestically, a boon to sectors that rely on high-quality glass for projects …

… This facility will create 320 high-skilled and well-paid jobs for initial and trial production operations in 2023. Up to 30 float glass experts will be brought in from overseas to train local employees. Once production reaches full capacity in 2024-2025, the number of local employees will increase to 380. This does not include the estimated 1,000 indirect jobs created in the region for construction and related supporting businesses …

… In terms of water usage, approximately 60% of the water used will be evaporated as steam that will go back to the atmosphere. Additionally, the city has reviewed its existing water supply and has confirmed that it has the capacity to meet the needs of the facility. Stratford currently uses 30.8% of the allowable permit of total water and, with the water usage by Xinyi, this will increase to no more than 38.6% …

… We are committed to working constructively with government partners and members of the community to build this project …”

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