Quality Enclosures to Open New Facility in Albemarle, N.C.

Quality Enclosures is building a $3.3 million tempering facility, distribution center and national training center in Albemarle, N.C. The move will create 65 full-time jobs throughout the next four years.

The facility will produce tempered glass for use in the company’s shower door products. Its distribution center will service South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Del-aware. The training center will host hands-on training for employees and customers from across the U.S.

The new jobs will include entry level to highly skilled positions such as operations manager, oven operators, maintenance workers, water jet operators, polish-miter operators, computer-aided design specialist, robotics manager, programmers, office personnel, shipping/receiving workers and CDL drivers.

“This particular expansion was scheduled to open in 2020, but due to demand for our products we felt it necessary to expedite this plan and open sooner,” says Steve Schwartz, CEO of Quality Enclosures.

The expansion into the Charlotte, N.C., area has been in the works since 2015. The project timeline was moved up in 2017, and the facility is expected to open September 2018.

“This facility will also be the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest national training center. We will use this facility to sup-port our team members with the new-est educational processes, procedures and tools. This facility will also be used to support and train our authorized dealers and their teams,” says Schwartz.

According to Schwartz, the facility will house advanced robotics and enhanced software to hold tight tolerances and provide fast turnaround times. Clients will be able to order, track and receive notifications upon the arrival of their orders.

“The expansion into North Carolina will give us the ability to produce tempered glass with a lower cost and in-creased safety for our employees,” says Schwartz. “By locating in North Carolina, we will double our tempered glass production, which will be shipped daily to our Tennessee and Georgia shower door manufacturing plants. Without the help of the great state of North Carolina, Stanley County and the City of Albemarle, this would not be possible.”

The One North Carolina Fund awarded a performance-based grant of $150,000 to help facilitate Quality Enclosures’ expansion.

Gateway Doubles Jobs with Recent Expansion

Gateway Extrusions, a national aluminum extrusion and finishing firm, has expanded its manufacturing facility with the addition of new production equipment and growth in sales. Gate-way has seen a 100-percent increase in staffing since late 2014. Currently, employment stands at 130 and the company is seeking additional workers from the area as the new equipment is ramped up to full production.

“I’m extremely happy that Gateway has been able to double its workforce in just a few short years,” says Thomas Ziegler, president of operations for Gateway Extrusions. “I’m also proud that Gateway is now one of the largest employers in the area. The city of Union has been very supportive of Gateway, and job creation is the best way I know that a company can contribute to the local community. As sales increase and our brand new, state-of-the-art equipment comes into full production, we will require even more workers. There-fore, we continue to seek good qualified employees to join our vibrant, growing company.”

To ensure the company’s employees are well prepared to meet customer and company needs, Gateway has implemented several initiatives in addition to ongoing skills training, such as employee recognition activities and a mentor program for new employees.

“We match new employees with a ‘big brother’ or ‘big sister’ here, an experienced senior staff member who will take an interest in the new employee’s development, ask them how the job is going, offer advice, etc.,” says Ziegler. “It helps new employees come up to speed quickly and makes them feel part of the Gateway team.”

Garibaldi Purchases Taifin Furnace

Garibaldi Glass Industries has purchased the first CTF3360 130-inch by 258-inch, full convection furnace in North America from Tailfin Glass Machinery.

“Our customers are especially satisfied with the quality – iridescence , roller wave and color shift. I find myself educating customers about iridescence. The CTF’s even heating plays as much, if not more, of a role in iridescence reduction as does quenching,” says Chris Mobius, vice president at Garibaldi.”

The CTF’s modular design also makes it easy to upgrade to a longer furnace, according to the announcement.

National Glass Products Expands in Denver, Adds Production Line

National Glass Products (NGP) has completed a $500,000 expansion of its Denver-based production facility as part of a multi-phased strategy to meet market demand in the area driven by population growth.

“We have expanded our Denver-based production facility by 8,000 square feet to accommodate the addition of a laminated glass production line. This is an approximate 16-percent increase in production space and 25-percent in-crease in production capacity,” says Tony Eschmeyer, vice president of sales and business development at NGP. A lamination production line was added and NGP is now providing Maverik laminated products to customers and projects.

“From initial design, to equipment installation, product training and daily production, the investment not only serves our customers, but has a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. We’ve increased our work-force by 18 percent to satisfy market demand and lead time for the crafted products we provide,” says Eschmeyer.

Other phases of NGP’s strategy included adding ChrismaColor backpainted interior glass to its product line back in May 2017 and bringing Eschmeyer on board to lead its sales team.

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