Southern Stretch Forming (SSF) recently acquired the assets and process knowledge of Dlubak Metal Bending, based in Cowansville, Pa.

“We are excited to add encapsulated roll-forming to our extensive stretch forming capabilities. The addition of this equipment and the workforce that knows the process allows SSF to offer an alternative method of metal curving,” says David Arthur, president of Southern Stretch Forming.

Encapsulated roll-forming involves encasing an extrusion in a block of low-temperature alloy. The part is then roll formed to the prescribed radius. One of the advantages of this process is that companies can curve pre-finished material without having to heat-treat the part. Heat treating or “annealing” typically destroys the finish. Material length and tightness of radius limits have to be considered when choosing either the stretch forming method or the encapsulated roll-forming method. According to the company, both processes have their place in the market.

“The operation will temporarily remain in Cowansville, Pa., however plans are being made to move the equipment to our East Coast stretch forming facility in Butler, Pa. Eventually, we’d like to expand this process to our other facilities across the country,” says Arthur.

Southern Stretch Forming has been in the metal curving business since 1991. Headquartered in Denton, Texas, it operates metal curving facilities in Modesto, Calif., Butler Pa., and Wausau Wis.