The U.S. aluminum extruder industry is still waiting on a decision from the Department of Commerce (DOC) as to whether it will investigate allegations that a Chinese aluminum extruder evaded U.S. import duties.

The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) filed a circumvention complaint against Zhongwang Group last October, and the DOC had until January 21 to make a decision. However, according to AEC director of operations and Jeff Henderson, the DOC recently asked for a new questionnaire to be completed, which will push the decision back until a date to be determined.

“While the DOC postpones its decision, the U.S. aluminum extrusion industry is watching its trade orders, which it fought hard to win, being evaded by a renewed flood of unfairly traded aluminum for which there is no buyer,” Henderson said in a statement.

The AEC submitted evidence it says proves Zhongwang, through a series of affiliated exporters and U.S. importers, “has poured billions of pounds of aluminum extrusions into the United States and Mexico in recent years, much of which just sits in warehouses and open fields.”

“The evidence provided in the submission also demonstrates the lengths to which Zhongwang has systematically evaded the antidumping/countervailing duties by exporting extrusions into the U.S. in a variety forms, which have only one thing in common: they have been manipulated solely for the purpose of evading duties and should continue to be subject to the orders,” said Henderson.

The DOC will have 45 days from the time the new questionnaire is submitted to make a decision.