Kelly Allore

The ASTM C24 Committee on Building Seals & Sealants recently presented Dow technician Kelly Allore with the committee’s highest honor, the Lou Toporcer Sealants Hall of Fame Award. The committee gives the award to recognize contributions from its membership. To commemorate the honor, Allore’s name is engraved on a plaque displayed at ASTM headquarters in Conshohocken, Pa.

“We’re proud to recognize Kelly’s accomplishments with ASTM,” says Doug Kempf, technical service and development manager for North America with Dow High Performance Building. “This particular award seems especially appropriate since it is named for Lou Toporcer, a former employee at Dow Corning, who in the mid-70s led the development of some of the key sealant technologies in use today.”

Allore also has been elected by unanimous decision as the ASTM C24.30 Adhesion subcommittee chair, expanding her role within the organization. Five years ago, she earned a leadership position, becoming secretary of the ASTM C24 committee. Allore has been active on this committee for several years, supporting the organization with lab testing resources, working with labs at other suppliers coordinating “round robin” testing and participating in standards maintenance.

Allore replaces Dow construction industry fellow Larry Carbary in the subcommittee chair role. Carbary, a member of the ASTM C24 Committee for 20 years, has served as chair of two subcommittees (Adhesion and International Standards) since 2002.

The ASTM C24 Committee, which was formed in 1959, currently has about 250 members and manages about 100 standards. These standards – which are closely aligned with key products and services in the Dow High Performance Building portfolio – are, in many cases, the foundation of Dow’s innovative building technology development, according to the company.

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