This year’s exterior winner of Vanceva’s World of Color Awards (WOCA)—an international competition that recognizes architectural projects that use Vanceva interlayers for glass—is a museum expansion that is totally encased in an all-white glass façade. Like current and past winners of the competition, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston—Kinder Building in Houston exemplifies how magnificently glass can be incorporated into architectural design, according to the award organizers.

“The World of Color Awards grows larger each year it is held,” says Priya Kalsi, global market segment manager with Eastman, the manufacturer of the Vanceva Color System for laminated glass. “We’ve received some incredible entries this year. Architects and designers are continuously exploring and surprising us with their creative use of Vanceva color interlayers to create landmark buildings, special effects and moods in interiors, and even in wayfinding.”

“This year’s winner stunned the jury with the use of white interlayers,” adds Kalsi. “The Museum of Fine Arts Houston is unique, inventive and transforms the streetscape—and it only uses Vanceva Arctic Snow for its interlayers.”

A key requirement for entry in the international design competition is the use of Vanceva color interlayers in laminated glass configurations. Vanceva provides architects and designers with a palette that can be combined to create more than 17,000 transparent, translucent or solid colors.

An international jury of five industry professionals reviews the project submissions and awards are given for Exterior Division Winner, Interior Division Winner and four honorable mentions. Entries are judged on the creative use of glass with laminated color interlayers, aesthetics and degree of attention given to the overall benefits and technology of laminated glass.

Kinder Building—Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Photo: ® Richard Barnes


Exterior Division Winner:  Kinder Building—Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Architect: Steven Holl Architects

Façade Contractor: Josef Gartner (Permasteelisa North America)

Glass Fabricator: ShenZhen ShenNanYi Glass Product Co. Ltd

Façade and Structural Engineer: Knippers HelbigAdvanced Engineering

Featured Product: Vanceva PVB in Arctic Snow

Kaleidoscope, Photo: ® CreatAR Images

Interior Division Winner: Kaleidoscope, Tianshu City, Gansu Province, China

Architect: SAKO Architects

Glass Laminator: Shanxi Jingfeng Glass Co. LTD

Featured Product: Vanceva PVB in red, orange, yellow, green and blue

EADA Business School, Photo: ® Jose Masterton

Honorable Mention: EADA Business School, Barcelona, Spain

Architect: CDB Arquitectura

Glass Laminator:  Vidresif

Featured Product: Vanceva PVB in Sahara Sun, Sapphire Blue and Arctic Snow

Galerie Artem, Photo: © Guillaume Guerin

Honorable Mention:  Galerie Artem, Nancy, France

Architect: Agence Nicolas Michelin and Associates (ANMA)

Glass Laminator: Ariño Duglass

Featured Product: Vanceva PVB in Coral Rose, Sapphire Blue, Aquamarine, Smoke Grey and Ruby Red

OSZO 44 – The Chromatic Circle of Johannes Itten, Photo: ® Matthias Riediger

Honorable Mention: OSZO 44 – The Chromatic Circle of Johannes Itten, Zurich – Küsnacht, Switzerland

Artist: Ritchie Riediger

Glass Laminator: FlachGlas

Featured Product: Vanceva PVB in Golden Light, Sahara Sun, Aquamarine, Coral Rose, Evening Shadow, Sapphire and Ruby Red

Taipei Performing Arts Centre, Photo: ® Chris Stowers

Honorable Mention: Taipei Performing Arts Centre, Taipei, Taiwan

Architect: Rem Koolhaas

Glass Laminator: Cricursa

Featured Product: Vanceva PVB in Shale Grey from the Earth Tones collection