Eastman, manufacturer of the Vanceva® color interlayer system for laminated glass, announced a new award for the 2022 Vanceva® World of Color Awards for exterior architecture and design. The Bernard Bühler Award is named after the French architect who has developed multiple projects across France using Vanceva color PVB interlayers. Bühler will be a juror for the award, choosing the winner from all entries in the “exterior” category.

“I am honored by this recognition of my work with color,” says Bühler. “I am an intensive user of Vanceva color interlayers, and I won at the Vanceva World of Color Awards myself in 2012. By combining glass and a wide variety of playful colors, I like to create apartment buildings that are dynamic and fun places to live in. Those interlayers are perfect tools to bring my vision of colored living places to life.”

The winner will be announced with the results of the 2022 Vanceva World of Color Awards on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.

A jury for the 2022 Vanceva World of Color Awards is composed of five experts representing leading design and architecture companies, including: Firas Hnoosh, managing director, Nordic Office Architects; Joe Jacoby, president and director of design, Jacoby Architects Inc.; Jeffrey S. Monzu, market sector leader, healthcare design at LEO A DALY; Roman Schieber, associate director ppa., Knippers Helbig; and Monika Kumor, project designer, HOK.