Come September, Southwall Insulating Glass of Chicago, an Eastman Chemical Co. subsidiary, will no longer be in the insulating glass (IG) business.

That site mainly manufactures one product – Heat Mirror Insulating Glass, which the company says “provides performance beyond triple-pane IG at the same weight as dual-pane IG.”

According to a statement from Eastman, the decision is being driven by low rates of adoption for higher-performance IG in the U.S. market. Southwall Insulating Glass heavily invested in manufacturing automation at the Chicago facility in hopes that anticipated revisions to Energy Star performance criteria for windows would increase demand for those products.

“Although the company successfully developed that world-class automation, unfortunately those revisions did not turn out as expected,” Eastman said in a statement. “Consequently, the decision has been made to exit the IG business. This decision to exit the Chicago business is a business decision and is no reflection on the performance of the Chicago site, its employees or the product. Production will continue in the coming weeks as Southwall Insulating Glass works to fulfill final customer shipments. Customers are being notified of the intent to exit the business and their need to find a new source of supply of insulating glass.”

Eastman will continue to manufacture Heat Mirror film at a plant in Dresden, Germany, and it will “also continue to explore strategic options that leverage Heat Mirror technology and manufacturing automation to accelerate growth of the global Heat Mirror film business,“ according to a statement.