Tara Taffera and Ellen Rogers at the USGlass 25th Anniversary Party in 2015.

Twenty years ago today, the staff at Key Media & Research (KMR), formerly Key Communications, welcomed Ellen Rogers to the team. Over two decades with the company she has made a lasting impact on the content published by USGlass magazine as its long-time editor. (And today her team is sneaking this article into USGNN™ to celebrate that anniversary.)

Rogers has several awards to show for her dedication to excellence in editorial coverage of the architectural glass and glazing industry. She was a finalist in the 65th Jesse H. Neal Awards in the Best Technical Content category for her articles, “Condensation Condemnation” and “Know the Differences: Which Interlayer is Right for your Next Run?” and the Best Use of Video/Webcast category.

Drew Vass, Ellen Rogers and Jordan Scott at the Jesse H. Neal Awards Ceremony in 2019.

She has won nine awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors. USGlass magazine also was awarded a prestigious Boger Award by the Construction Writers Association (CWA) for its May 2013 issue devoted to school safety. Rogers contributed several features and led the editorial direction of the award-winning issue.

In 2014, Rogers was recognized by KMR with its Award for Extraordinary Service. The award is presented annually and was named after vice president for media services Holly X. Biller.

“We are so lucky to have hired Ellen 20 years ago and it has been amazing to work with her throughout that time and to see the professional growth she has achieved,” says KMR editorial director Tara Taffera. “She is known throughout the industry for her expertise on glass, and for the way she delivers articles on complex subjects in a matter her readers can digest and use in their businesses. We, and the industry, are lucky to have her.”

“I have worked with Ellen for all her time here and we are not just colleagues but friends. She is there for you when you need her and I remember one time most vividly where this quality really showed. I received some not great news right before I was to walk in our annual sales meeting and give a presentation,” adds Taffera. “I somehow gathered myself together to walk in that room and stand up and present, but everyone knew something else was going on. I can’t remember if it was in the middle of that presentation or when I was finished, but she got up from her seat and gave me a hug and told me she was there for me. We really are like a family here and Ellen is part of that family.”

“Valentine’s Day 20 years ago brought us a gift in Ellen,” says USGlass publisher and KMR president Deb Levy. “And she has used those gifts to improve our industry and our company. Among Ellen’s many talents is her ability to translate complex and technical concepts into language every reader can understand. In doing so, she makes our industry better every day.”

Feel free to comment, share a store about Rogers or congratulate her if you have worked with her over the past 20 years.


  1. Dear World,

    USGlass and the whole team at Key Media and Research are so fortunate and now prouder than ever to have Ellen on the team. She represents our whole industry, doing research into the problems and questions that we all have. Every article and column that Ellen writes makes me glad that I am part of “her” industry. We are all very glad that Ellen is on our team.

    Paul Bieber

    1. Thank you so much, Paul!

  2. And she started when she was only 12 years old…that’s how good she is! So very proud of you!

    1. You are too kind!

  3. Ellen,
    Congratulations from Paris, France.
    Thanks for the time you are dedicating to provide us good & useful pieces of information.
    You are a smart observer of our industry.

    Best Regards
    Bernard Savaëte

    1. Thanks so much, Bernard!

  4. Ellen,

    I believe that you interviewed me for a February 1987 article in a glass magazine where we discussed the need to diversify one’s glass business. The article hangs on the wall of my office. Please confirm or deny the interview as it was a while ago and you really do not look old enough to have conducted the interview.

    Rick Bloom

    1. Hi Rick,
      Thanks so much for your comment. While I have done lots of interviews, I hadn’t yet started in 1987 … I was much, much younger then.

  5. Congrats Ellen. I always enjoy reading your articles!

    1. Thank you!

  6. Congratulations Ellen! You’ve always had a smile and warm way whenever we’ve met. Hope the next 20 brings you much joy.

    1. Thank you, Jeff!

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