SolarWindow Announces Collaboration with Raynergy

SolarWindow Technologies Inc. announced a collaboration with Raynergy Tek, a Hsinchu, Taiwan-based supplier of organic photo-voltaic materials used by SolarWindow to coat glass and turn it into electricity-generating windows.

“Our clear priority is to bring Solar-Window electricity-generating products to a $100 billion global market,” says John Conklin, president and CEO of SolarWindow Technologies. “This collaboration with Raynergy moves SolarWindow closer toward our goal of commercial sales and production, while ensuring a reliable supply of high-performance organic materials and preferred pricing necessary for the production of our electricity-generating glass.”

“We see a viable and wide-open market for electricity-generating glass, and a strong pathway to commercialization for SolarWindow,” says Phoebe Tan, CEO of Raynergy Tek.

The company is working to fabricate specific SolarWindow electricity-generating glass products by integrating its coating processes, methodologies and technologies into established manufacturing processes at Triview Glass Industries, a fabricator of some Solar-Window products, using specialized materials provided by Raynergy.

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