BV Glas Receives Funding for Climate-Friendly Glass Production Project

The Federal Association of the German Glass Industry (BV Glas) has received confirmation of funding for its HyGlass project from State Minister for Economic Affairs Professor Andreas Pinkwart. BV Glas is partnering with the GWI institute in Essen on the project to conduct research into the suitability of hydrogen as a substitute for fossil fuels in the glass production process.

The Federal Association of the German Glass Industry has been assessing the potential of hydrogen for a long time already in the framework of its decarbonisation strategy. Funding was provided by IN4climate, a German organization that works to develop strategies for a climate-neutral industrial sector.

“We are delighted to have received the funding from IN4climate because it gives us the opportunity to test hydrogen’s suitability for the glass manufacturing industry in real production scenarios,” says Johann Overath, director general of BV Glas. “We will initially be investigating the effects of various hydrogen mix ratios on the combustion process in glass production at a test facility.”

“Every climate-neutral production project is an important step towards new approaches in glass manufacturing that will help us achieve the long-term aim of net-zero industrial emissions.”

In March, BV Glas informed members about the construction of an oxy-fuel hybrid furnace in Germany, a project of the European container glass industry. The glass industry is also involved in five energy-efficiency networks which are part of the German government’s Energy Efficiency Networks initiative, and BV Glas is a partner in the IN4climate initiative.

ClearVue Signs Distribution Agreement with Insulsteel

Smart building materials company ClearVue Technologies Ltd. has signed a manufacturing and distribution agreement with Insulsteel Building Sciences LLC of Charleston, S.C.

Insulsteel, a manufacturer of a steel-frame insulating construction roof and wall panelized building component systems has been operating in Georgia and South Carolina for 20 years. Under the terms of the agreement, Insulsteel will manufacture and supply the ClearVue photovoltaic (PV) insulating glass units (IGUs) for its own use and sale as a part of its new IntelAwall insulating wall panel system with the ClearVue IGU panels being introduced into the wall panels at the time of fabrication for delivery of completed wall sections straight to client construction sites to minimize build time.

Under the terms of the agreement, Insulsteel secures exclusive rights to manufacture and sell the ClearVue IGUs when combined into and sold as part of its IntelAwall steel insulated building system. ClearVue can also appoint other manufacturers and distributors in the U.S., including for use with other building systems and methods that are not substantially similar to Insulsteel’s system in that the framing system is not a modular  refabricated panel-based system comprised primarily of steel and EPS insulating material.

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