AGC and Ubiquitous Energy Announce Transparent Solar Glass Agreement

AGC Asahi Glass (AGC) has entered into a strategic development agreement with Ubiquitous Energy, a transparent solar technology company. The collaboration will focus on the development of Ubiquitous Energy’s transparent and neutral solar coating to create windows that produce electricity.

According to a company press release, Ubiquitous Energy’s transparent solar coating, ClearView Power, selectively absorbs and converts non-visible light to electricity while transmitting visible light. ClearView Power doubles as a solar control coating in addition to its electricity generation by blocking infra-red light. The transparent solar coating can be applied to vertical surfaces of buildings, turning traditional windows into energy-efficient and electricity generating windows.

Applied directly to glass using standard glass coating equipment, Clear-View Power is a transparent, color neutral coating. According to the company, this technology will provide a transparent energy-harvesting solution to the building integrated photo-voltaic (BIPV) market, enabling zero net energy buildings and beyond.

“As a world leader in glass and glass coatings, AGC is an ideal partner for us. Their experience in bringing advanced glass and BIPV technologies to the market will help us accelerate the development and commercialization of our transparent solar technology,” says Ubiquitous Energy founder and CEO, Miles Barr. “The architectural glass market has shown great interest in adopting our technology to enable next-generation transparent, power-producing windows.”

“We have been watching Ubiquitous Energy since its beginning and believe that this collaboration will fit in perfectly with our strategy of providing the best environmentally friendly glass solutions,” adds Marc Van Den Neste, chief technology officer of building and industrial company at AGC. “By creating aesthetically pleasing, transparent, power-producing glass, we will equip designers and architects with a BIPV solution that is beautiful and seamlessly integrated.”

Masatoshi Ueno of AGC Ventures, a corporate venturing arm of Asahi Glass, says, “We are thrilled by supporting Ubiquitous Energy as a partner as it opens up new horizons for making the best environmental use of façades.”

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