NSG Group Puts New Solar Array to Work Powering its Rossford, Ohio, Plant

NSG Group’s Rossford, Ohio, facility now operates a 1.4 MW photovoltaic solar array. The company expects to supply about 2.5 million kWh of renewable energy annually.

The new array, owned and operated by AEP OnSite Partners (a subsidiary of American Electric Power) will provide energy to the facility for the next 20+ years under a power purchase agreement.

“This solar project adds to our portfolio of solar and energy savings projects across the globe and is part of the NSG Group’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions by at least 30 percent by 2030,” says Greg Chastain, NSG Group’s regional sustainability director for North America.

First Solar manufactured more than 4,300 solar panels using NSG Group’s solar energy glass products.

ClearVue Takes on First U.S. Commercial Installation of its Solar Windows

ClearVue Technologies Ltd. has signed a letter of intent (LOI) to install its patented solar energy windows into a new office building in Atlanta. This is the company’s first commercial installation in North America.

“The ClearVue technology represents a paradigm shift in the way glass will be used in building construction. Glass will no longer be just a component of construction, but a renewable energy source and a key element in construction decarbonization efforts—both for refurbishments and for new builds,” says executive chairperson Victor Rosenberg.

The LOI was signed with LabReal LLC, a private investment company based in Atlanta. It includes installation of 2,691 square feet into at a new medical office and laboratory building. Atlanta-based Pimsler Hoss Architecture is the architect. The project is in final planning stages with construction starting later in 2022.

“ClearVue’s electricity generating clear glazing technology is strategically positioned to complement and support the case for the increased use of energy-efficient windows now being regulated in response to global climate change and energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction goals. The Atlanta project is but the first in the U.S., a market we believe will be very accepting of our technology,” adds Basil Karampelas, North American CEO for ClearVue.

ClearVue is also working with Nodis to participate in a U.S. Air Force evaluation of their Power-Generating Smart Window Technologies.

ABC Doubles Capacity to Test Bird-Friendly Glass

The American Bird Conservancy (ABC), working with Washington College in Maryland, can now test and rate double the amount of glass and other materials for the ability to deter bird collisions.

In fall 2021, Washington College’s Foreman’s Branch Bird Observatory in Chestertown, Md., began operating its glass testing tunnel. Along with ABC’s test site in Rector, Pa., the new tunnel is one of two facilities in North America that test glass and provide a “bird-friendly” rating.

The test involves releasing a bird into one end of the 24-foot-long tunnel. The bird flies toward the light at the other end, where there are two different pieces of glass—a test lite and a clear lite. By studying the birds’ flight paths, ABC can assign the glass a Material Threat Factor score based on how many times birds fly toward the test lite; avoidance indicates that the birds can see and avoid the glass. Tested birds safely bounce off a mist net before reaching the glass. After a single test flight, birds are released.

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