Ensinger recently celebrated its 50th anniversary with a 500-guest ceremony in Boeblingen, Germany.

Dr. Roland Reber (left) and Klaus Ensinger (right).
Dr. Roland Reber (left) and Klaus Ensinger (right).

At the event, Dr. Roland Reber and Klaus Ensinger, the company’s managing directors, took a look back at Ensinger’s history and discussed the optimism of the future.

“We work together and we treat each other with fairness,” Reber said of the company’s management board.

Ensinger highlighted the company’s feeling of community. “It is precisely this spirit which has made us what we are today,” he said. “Our culture is here to stay, as are our values. We will remain a family firm.”

Former German president Dr. Horst Koehler, also spoke. “Innovation, quality focus and team spirit are what have made this company great,” he said.