How do I show up when someone searches for glass installation? How can I reach more customers using the Google My Business ranking? Ogy Nikolic, CEO at OGO Sense, answered those questions and more for glass companies in a recent webinar hosted by Delta Kits. He was full of practical advice for companies looking to help customers find their business.

“It helps if you have a keyword in your business name or DBA,” he said. “… Use a local number as opposed to toll free if you can. Avoid using a number associated with another business listing.”

Additionally, if you are a business with multiple locations be sure to have a separate page for each location when using Google My Business. Nikolic said this makes things easier to track when using Google tracking.

“Focus on increasing the quality and quantity of links on your website,” he added. “See where others are getting their back links. Don’t focus on things like Facebook links, etc., as those won’t increase your traffic.”

Another great tip has to do with reviews—and to ask for them on an ongoing basis. Nikolic advised sharing a direct link with clients so they can post a review easily.

“It’s better to add more gradually,” he said. “Do not buy fake reviews.”

Being listed in industry directories also goes a long way, Nikolic said. “If you are new to this industry you need to get listed in different directories to increase trust. If you have been around for a while you should check to make sure your info is correct.”

He also said it is critical to make sure you use your name, address and phone number consistently across the web, and personalization is important as well. “Upload photos, add promotions and add posts to your Google My Business listing if you have news to share,” he said.

As with any service you use, it is important to monitor your activity.

“Double check your dashboard in Google My Business,” he said. “The stats in there are very important.” This includes monitoring your click through rate and checking on mobile clicks to call.

Nikolic also showed participants how to add a new listing and update an existing one, just to “show how easy this is to do.” During this demo he also showed the importance of using keywords, and showed how to change an 800 number to a local one for better results.