Apprentices at the Local 63 apprentice training center install pre-glazed curtainwall.

The White House announced an executive order to create more registered apprenticeship programs in the federal workforce. It was implemented following a recommendation from the White House Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment.

The order encourages agencies to provide project preferences to recipients who hire individuals who have participated in registered apprenticeship programs.

White House officials said registered apprenticeships are a proven strategy to expand equitable training pathways to good-paying jobs, including union jobs. They explained that the order directs the Office of Personnel Management, the Department of Labor and other federal agencies to explore opportunities to reduce barriers and create pathways into and up through federal employment using registered apprenticeships.

The order also directs federal agencies to identify requirements or incentives for grant recipients or contractors to employ workers who have participated in registered apprenticeship programs. It directs those agencies to require, incentivize or encourage those requirements or incentives. Additionally, the order re-establishes labor-management forums within the federal government to ensure workers have a voice.

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