GlassBuild America continues through Friday in Las Vegas.
GlassBuild America continues through Friday in Las Vegas.

There are plenty of options when it comes to architectural glass, and exhibitors at GlassBuild America have lots to offer. Many companies are focusing on not only aesthetics but also high-performance features and benefits.

Over the past few years the South American company Tecnoglass has been increasing its presence in the North American market. This year they are exhibiting with a focus on a number of innovations, including their low-E glass, the Tecnobend and also Tecnoair technologies.

Ted Krantz, vice president of business development, said they have the capabilities to bend high-performance, low-E coatings. He also noted that jumbo-sized glass continues to see interest.

“Big sizes [of glass] is the next big thing,” said Krantz. The company had a glass display spanning 129 by 236 inches.

ICA is exhibiting for the first time in about five years. James Wright explained they are offering products used for painting or coating glass. He said they are low-VOC, water-based, organic, durable and opaque. The coatings can also be used to make unique features or designs on the glass, such as a water drop effect, imitation acid-etch, or tinted. They even have a glow in the dark product.

“There are a lot of special effects in glass,” said Wright.

On the fire-rated side, companies are continuing to find new ways to combine the performance of the fire-rating with the aesthetics that architects are looking for.

Rob Botman with Glassopolis, for example, said you can have a fire-rated product on one side with a laminated on the other that can be used for security purposes.

“The evolution is the material [glass] has the platform to do [and be used] most anywhere,” said Botman.

Diana San Diego, vice president of marketing with Safti First, also said the interest in security with fire-rated glass continues to increase.

“Security is a growing area for schools, high-profile commercial buildings, etc. [We’re seeing] a growing amount of security glass,” she said.

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain is also continuing to evolve their fire-rated products. They, too, offer products that combine both fire-rated performance with safety and security.

Aesthetics and the growing demand for ultra-clear glass is also evident on the fire-rated side. Starting next year the company’s Contraflam products will be made exclusively with Saint-Gobain’s Diamant ultra-clear, low-iron product.

“This appeals to architects’ aesthetic focus while still maintaining fire-rating,” said Lindsay Hampton Varma, Keralite product manager, south central regional sales manager.

GlassBuild America continues through tomorrow in Las Vegas. Stay tuned to™ for more news and reports from the show.