Providing solutions for customers is a focus for many of the exhibitors at glasstec 2018. Companies here are showcasing developments and innovations that can help customers increase their automation and level of efficiency.

This prototype in the Technoform booth features sensors that can detect the quality of the window, such as whether there’s been Argon leakage.

In the Forel booth, machinery and equipment is on display that can be used to fabricate jumbo and extra-jumbo sized glass. In fact, the company is featuring equipment that makes up a complete glass fabricating plant. One of these machines is the company’s No Limits line for insulating glass production. According to Giacomo Molucchi, marketing manager, the line was developed in response to market needs for increasingly larger sizes of glass.

“The market needs solutions to process big sizes of glass,” he said, explaining they are working to help bring those solutions to customers.

In addition, Forel is featuring an augmented reality service solution for customers. The technology allows the company to connect remotely with the customer to see the machine and help troubleshoot any issues.

Enduroshield is at the show, and has been highlighting its low-maintenance coatings and its XLine automated application machine. The company introduced the machinery two years ago at glasstec, and since then has moved to a full steel body and the line can also now coat both sides of the glass. Thanks to the software development, glass fabricators can also monitor and measure output.

Forel is showcasing a number of machines developed for fabrication of jumbo-sized glass.

According to Adrian Ray, director of Americas/international business development, a lot of the interest and growth in this market segment has been driven by not only requests from fabricators, but also a growing interest from architects, particularly on shower doors.

In the Technoform booth, the company is highlighting its recent re-branding and is focusing on edge-bond solutions. According to Milind Jhaveri, the company took a different approach to its stand this year, and chose to not exhibit any existing products. Instead, they are highlighting innovative ideas of what could be done to the windows and insulating glass in the future.

For example, one prototype on display incorporated sensors into the window that allow you to monitor its quality, such as whether there has been any argon leakage. This information is displayed on an app that users control on their phones.

Enduroshield is exhibiting equipment for applying low-maintenance coatings to glass.

Another prototype is an idea for a self-illuminating spacer. This could be used in applications, for example, where power is not available or there is an outage.

glasstec 2018 concludes today. Stay tuned to for more updates and reports from the show.