Companies like Bavelloni are showing off their latest and greatest at glasstec in Germany this week.
Companies such as Bavelloni are showing off their latest and greatest at glasstec in Germany this week.

glasstec 2016 kicked off in Dusseldorf, Germany, Tuesday, and companies across the show floor are eager to show off their latest developments—many for the first time.

Italian machinery producer Bavelloni SpA is making its first appearance since separating from the Glaston Group.

“We have since expanded our research and development efforts,” says marketing, communications and sales support manager Sara Tacchino. “In less than one year, we already have a new machine, and we have many other things going on.”

That new machine—the NRG 420 Power Jet—is on display in the company’s stand. The highlight of the processing machine is its new automatic door concept, which can move both up and down without manual operation.

While Bavelloni is making its presence felt on its own, other companies are showing off their capabilities as a newly formed team.

Spanish digital glass printing machinery company Tecglass recently became a part of Italian-based Fenzi Group is exhibiting its new green look in Fenzi’s stand. Along with its Vitro-Jet machines, Tecglass is also featuring its newest development—a single-pass printer that was designed for faster production.

Machinery in general is at the center of glasstec, and companies such as Cooltemper—based in Taiwan—plan to take advantage of the international atmosphere of the show. Sales director Davin Robson says Europe remains a relatively “quiet” market, but places like Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East are prospective areas that Robson thinks will show plenty of interest this week.

Cooltemper is highlighting its FireJet machine, which he says was developed with a focus on three key things customers are demanding—speed, quality and energy efficiency.

The latter continues to be a major trend in the industry and something companies are always trying to prove their place in. EdgeTech, a European subsidiary of Quanex Building Products, is showcasing its warm-edge spacer products. Joachim Stoss, managing director, says this is especially important in Europe where double- and triple-glazing are very popular. This has been a trend for some time in Europe but is now gaining some traction in the United States.

In fact, since Europe often precedes the United States in high-performance glazing developments, glasstec provides an opportunity for American industry attendees to get a sense of what may be to come in the near future. Additionally, much of the machinery used in the U.S. industry is imported, so glasstec allows American companies to get a complete sense of the market.

Tacchino says the U.S. has been a very strong market for her company and that she expects to see plenty of customers from the region this week. She says that while glasstec has traditionally been a place for buyers and sellers to meet face-to-face and complete contracts, it provides an opportunity for customers from across the world see products for themselves.

“The internet and other technologies in recent years have made marketing and selling easier,” says Tacchino. “But it’s still very important to see these machines live in person.”

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WITH PIC: Companies like Bavelloni are showing off their latest and greatest at glasstec in Germany this week.