EDTM reported it saw a good flow of booth traffic during the China Glass Expo.
EDTM reported it saw a good flow of booth traffic during the China Glass Expo.

Glass industry companies from around the world have been in China this week, taking part in the 25th China Glass Expo. The event, which concludes April 17, is taking place at the ShanghaiNewInternationalExpoCenter. Exhibitors have been showcasing their latest glass fabricating equipment and machinery, tools, supplies, components and more.

Mark Imbrock, vice president of Toledo, Ohio-based Electronic Design to Market, traveled to China Glass, taking part as an exhibitor. He told USGNN™/USGlass magazine that attendance appears to be similar to what the show saw last year in Beijing, though he had not heard any official reports.

“When the show was here in Shanghai two years ago, the traffic in the aisles was much higher than this year or last year,” says Imbrock. “Many attributed last year’s softer attendance to the fact that the show was in Beijing, which often does not draw the same numbers as Shanghai. However with this year’s show it seems similar to last year, and I think there is …a trend of a slight slowing in show attendance and enthusiasm.”

He added, though, that he did notice an increase in U.S. visitors.

“In the past two years there were very few, however this year I have spoken with several glass producers, as well as window manufacturers from the states. They are looking at equipment and hardware displayed at the show.”

On just the first day of the show, Quanex officials said they had more than 30 leads.
On just the first day of the show, Quanex officials said they had more than 30 leads.

Imbrock also points out that the show is massive, filling up seven extremely large halls with expansive glass fabricating and window production lines in operation. “I am always struck by the number of equipment and component suppliers from Europe, and the lack of companies from the States exhibiting,” he says. “It appears European companies are much more interested in the Asian market.”

He adds, “The China Glass Show is extremely international. I would venture to guess that 30 to 40 percent of the attendees I have spoken with in our booth have been from outside of China. There is a strong presence from the Middle East, Brazil and Eastern Europe.”

Speaking of those hailing from Europe, Italian companies occupied a significant portion of the show. Under the organization and coordination of Gimav, the Italian Association of Glass Processing, these companies exhibited in roughly 1,300 square meters.

According to information from Gimav, Italy’s exhibition space is larger than last year’s (1,139 square meters) in order to accommodate more machinery.

“It demonstrates once again that China Glass is a premier appointment on the international exhibition calendar, an opportunity that leading Italian companies from the flat and hollow glass sectors cannot miss and companies are certainly exhibiting a good dose of optimism,” says Renata Gaffo, Gimav director.

Dino Fenzi, honorary president of Gimav, adds, “Quality is becoming a primary requirement for the Chinese market as well … This means that companies wishing to showcase their technology have good chances of success, demonstrating they can be precious allies rather than merely suppliers. In fact, Chinese companies are unable to find the same level of technology in the domestic market.”

Italian companies have a significant presence at this year’s China Glass.
Italian companies have a significant presence at this year’s China Glass.

Quanex Building Products is also at China Glass and is featuring its range of thermally efficient solutions, including Super Spacer®, Super Spacer® TriSealTM, Duraseal® and Duralite® warm edge spacer systems. The company also conducted interactive demonstrations of its Inagas® gas-filling equipment and Sparklike® Gasglass Handheld v2 gas-fill measurement tools.

“We’re excited to be back at China Glass this year showcasing the latest products to enhance productivity, efficiency and sustainability,” says Ramsey Bader, director, international sales and marketing, Quanex Building Products. “With these innovations, we’re working to strengthen our collaboration in the Asian fenestration market and continue to be a valuable resource to our customers.”

He adds that the show is going well and reported consistent booth traffic. “We had more than 30 leads during the first day,” he says.

Glaston is featuring a number of its machinery lines. These included the GlastonAir™ advanced air flotation technology and its IriControL™ technology, designed to enable glass processors to measure and minimize what the company refers to as the ansiotropic phenomena in tempered glass. In addition, the company featured cutting, edging and, for the Asian market, its RC and CCS flat tempering furnace series, which has been expanded with new machine models to better meet the local needs of customers in the region, according to the company.

Other companies exhibiting this year include Advanced Energy Industries Inc. which featured its next-generation Ascent® DMS dual-magnetron sputtering technology. According to information from the company, the Ascent DMS system enables advanced process innovation for dual-magnetron sputtering while offering a lower cost of ownership compared to traditional power supplies. The company highlighted its portfolio of enabling technology for the glass industry, including its DC and pulsed-DC power-delivery systems for sputtering and cathodic arc deposition, its MXE high-speed pyrometer for advanced temperature control and its recently acquired Thyro™ thyristor power controller product line for control of high-precision thermal processes.

As far as the range of products available at the show, Imbrock says there is something for everyone’s glass needs, covering everything from “switchable privacy glazing, low-iron glass, blinds in the IGs and more energy-efficient low-E coatings than I can count.”

China Glass will take place in Beijing in 2015. Look to USGNN.com for more information as it’s made available.