An Irish girl who ran through a glass door at a hotel in Spain has received a settlement of more than $100,000 from the hotel’s operators.

According to media reports, the girl from Dublin was seven and a half when she ran through a patio door in her hotel room in 2018 at the Targoro-Family and Fun Adeje premises in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

Reports state that she thought the door was open but crashed through the plate glass instead. The glass shattered in multiple pieces and caused several lacerations to the girl’s calf, knee and cheek. She spent nine days in a hospital after undergoing emergency surgery.

The girl’s mother sued the operators, Sucursal en Espana and Dreamplace Hotels and Resorts SL and, and their insurers, Zurich Insurance plc. She argued that the glass should have been tempered safety glass. The operators, however, say the hotel was built before the introduction of building code regulations. As such, no rules were breached. They denied any negligence.

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