Announcing the Winners of the 2019 USGlass Readers’ Choice Awards

We’ve tallied the votes, the results are in and it’s time to announce the winners of the 2019 USGlass magazine Readers’ Choice Awards. This year’s awards span a wide range of categories, from adhesives and components, tools and machinery and a variety of glass products.

To determine the winners, we turned to our readers to find out what they found to be the most significant products from the past year, asking them to vote for their favorites in a variety of categories. The top vote-getters are the winners of this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards, which you can read about in this special feature. The products listed in the survey were featured in the USGlass Showcase department, New Products Guide or other news section, various show previews and/or advertisements in the magazine. Product submissions are welcome throughout the year. Please email releases to Ellen Rogers at

Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes

Sika Corp., Sikasil SG-20

Sika Corp. added Sikasil SG-20 to its collection of vertical glass product offerings. Sikasil SG-20 is a one-component, neutral curing and high-strength structural silicone adhesive that combines mechanical strength with high elongation. Widely used in structural glazing applications, this product adheres to many substrates including glass, metals, coated metal, plastics and wood, according to the company. It meets the requirements of ASTM C1184, ASTM C920 Class 25 and EOTA ETAG 002.

Sikasil SG-20 also offers UV- and weathering-resistance, allowing it to be used in many demanding applications. It is suitable for use in both shop manufacturing, as well as field assembly and repair applications.

Architectural Metals

Architectural Grilles & Sunshades, Custom Vertical Sunshade Fins

The company’s brise soleil in its vertical series features a combination of infills to form a unique architectural signature. The sunshades can be customized and the company’s aluminum vertical window sunshades provide protection in sun-soaked regions, resulting in cooler temperatures by filtering direct sunlight, according to the company.


Intigral, Blinds Between the Glass

Intigral offers custom blinds between the glass for both residential windows and commercial applications. The products range from tilt-only venetian blinds to fully motorized roller shades. Intigral is the only authorized ScreenLine manufacturer in the U.S., and manufactures the entire compliment of products at its facility in Twinsburg, Ohio, according to the company. ScreenLine integrated blind models include Venetian, pleated and roller blinds in six blind control systems and 48 color combinations.

Doors and Windows

Crystal Window & Door Systems, Magnus uPVC Window

Crystal Window & Door Systems won for its Magnus uPVC window. The Series 4500 tilt-and-turn vinyl window balances high architectural structural ratings, sound attenuation, and thermal efficiency.

The Magnus Series 4500 features a European-inspired design and is constructed with uPVC fusion-welded frames and sashes. The 3-¼-inch jamb depth window with options can achieve AAMA AW ratings, sound ratings of 40/34 STC/OITC and thermal U-values as low as 0.18, according to the company.

The window features a multi-point locking system and operates easily with a single handle. For extremely large openings, optional internal reinforcement is available. The window’s 1-inch glazing pocket accommodates double- or triple-pane insulating glass units or monolithic glass.

Dynamic Glazing Products

SageGlass, Harmony

SageGlass Harmony from Saint-Gobain is a glazing solution that seeks to enhance occupant experience by maximizing visual and thermal comfort. The company says that unlike other solar management solutions that compromise aesthetics and impede views, Harmony dynamic glass provides daylight, heat and glare management while maintaining a natural and seamless connection to the outdoors. The gradual in-pane tint transitions
create an elegant visual experience while still delivering an all-in-one glazing and solar control solution.

Fire-Rated Glazing Products

Safti First, SuperClear 45-HS, SuperClear 45-HS-LI

Safti First’s SuperClear 45-HS (hose stream) and SuperClear 45-HS-LI (hose stream-low iron) are new products that pass NFPA 252/257, UL 9/10B/10C and ULC/CAN4 S104/S106 for fire safety and CPSC Cat. I and II, ANSI Z97.1 Class A and B and CAN/CGSB Class A and B for impact safety. Listed and labeled by Underwriters Laboratories, SuperClear 45-HS and SuperClear 45- HS-LI can be used in 45-minute doors up to a maximum clear view area of 3,288 square inches and in 45-minute sidelites, transoms and openings up to a maximum clear view area of 3,880 square inches. Both meet all the fire, hose stream and safety requirements without the use of wires, films or laminates.

Glass, Bird Friendly

Guardian Glass, Bird1st

For designers seeking high performance, aesthetically-pleasing glass products that also help preserve the planet, Guardian Glass offers its Guardian Bird1st UV coated glass. Bird1stUV coated glass can be combined with Guardian SunGuard coated glass products to provide a neutral appearance and the desired performance, along with bird safety for new construction and retrofits. The product works with laminated glass to break up the reflectivity, making the UV vertical stripes visible to birds, but subtle to the human eye.

Bird1st UV coated glass joins Guardian SunGuard coated glass products combined with frit patterns that also help mitigate bird collisions. All products have been tested effective by the American Bird Conservancy.

Glass, Decorative

McGrory Glass, Ocean Series

The Ocean Series designer collection caught USGlass readers’ attention, made possible by its in-house print facility. Color-shifting dichroic pigments are used in McGrory’s proprietary printed film interlayers, with limitless design options, according to the company. Inspired by beaches from around the globe, Ocean Series comes in seven shades. It’s available in different opacity levels, patterns and gradients for a strong or subtle effect, and can even be used to incorporate custom graphics (including logos). Shimmering Ocean Series glass is suitable for large installations and interior, exterior and structural applications, including facades, building envelopes, fins, doors, canopies, railings, office entrances, decorative surfaces, walls, partitions and privacy control.

Glass, Fabricated/Specialty

Architectural Glass North America (AGNORA), Over-Sized Fabricated Glass

With capabilities to fabricate glass sizes as large as 130 x 300 inches, AGNORA says it fabricates the largest glass sizes in North America. The company’s capabilities include insulating, laminating, polishing and edging, digital printing, heat treatment, tempering and heat soaking.

The glass has been used in a variety of projects, including retail, high-end residential and specialty glass construction projects, among others.

Glass Flooring

Glass Flooring, Skyfloor Series 2000

Glass Flooring Systems developed the SkyFloor Series 2000 ultra-high-performance walkable skylights to offer architects and designers an easy way to integrate walkable skylights into their designs. The system meets a variety of application requirements, and is a high-performance, thermally broken walk-on skylight. It has been comprehensively tested to ensure compliance with the National Fenestration Rating Council’s stringent requirements. The Series 2000 walkable skylight is available in pedestal-paver and recessed configurations, and has U-values of 0.32 and SHGC values of 0.27. It has a patented mechanical glass-holddown system engineered to restrict
uplift pressures, and features triple-laminated, low-E, insulating glass.

Glass, Primary

Vitro Architectural Glass, Acuity

Vitro Architectural Glass’ Acuity low-iron glass is an upgrade to conventional clear glass, according to the company. It offers clarity for vision glass applications and a truer rendition of colored spandrel glass panels. Formulated for use with Solarban solar control, low-E glasses and available through members of the Vitro Certified Network, Acuity eliminates the green cast inherent to conventional clear glass to create a more brilliant aesthetic without compromising project budgets or energy performance, according to the company.

Glass Railings

C.R. Laurence, GRS Taper-Loc

The GRS Taper-Loc glass railing system from C.R. Laurence features new safety seal technology that allows installation of the outside rubber seal before the glass. Glaziers no longer have to reach over the railing to roll in the seal, minimizing the risk of injury. The patented Taper-Loc dry-glaze system reduces installation time by as much as 50%, according to the company. The base shoe is 30% lighter than previous models, according to the company, making it easier to handle.


Assa Abloy, Glass Hardware Solutions

Sustainability is a major focus for Assa Abloy, which provides a number of hardware products from its Glass Solutions business that readers cited for distinction. These include the 23/4- inch tapered door rail, which has a low profile design to showcase the glass. With top and bottom rail options, the one-piece compression system allows for easy and fast installation, according to the company.

In addition, the company offers a 300-pound end-load bottom pivot, which is designed for use with the 304 Series heavy-duty overhead concealed door closer. The new pivot set supports doors up to 300 pounds with a simple end-load installation.

The company also offers tapered patch fitting covers, which complement the 23 /4-inch and 4-inch tapered door and sidelite rails.

Inspection Equipment

SoftSolution North America, LineScanner

The LineScanner from SoftSolution North America was developed to provide quality inspections of transparent flat glass products including single sheets, insulating glass units, fabricated glass, polycarbonate or film, and more. The LineScanner inspects products with extreme precision for all defects regarding quality and dimension. Its flexibility, as well as its simple operation and installation, allow it to be placed into production quickly and easily with minimum space requirements. The unique parallel light technology enables the LineScanner to be operated with the same hardware, both horizontally and vertically, for almost all flat glass products.

Insulating Glass Spacers and Supplies

Quanex Building Products, Super Spacer Warm-Edge Technology

Super Spacer systems from Quanex are certified by Europe’s Passive House Institute, an industry body providing architects and planners with guidance on energy-efficient and sustainable construction. The Passive House Institute tests and certifies products in terms of their suitability for use in passive houses and makes the verified thermal characteristics visible, so it’s possible to predict the future energy performance of a building. All three
Super Spacer systems exceed the required minimum levels of specific edge resistance and are certified for arctic climates and every climate zone with lower requirements, according to the company.

Interlayer Materials

Salem Flat Glass & Mirror/Folienwerk Wolfen, EVA Interlayers

Salem Flat Glass & Mirror, in partnership with Folienwerk Wolfen, offers the EVA films EVGuard and EVGuard MPE. Ethylene-vinyl acetate, or EVA, is a copolymer best known for its resistance to heat and aging. EVGuard is a special EVA film for laminated glass and laminated safety glass that is certified for impact, weathering and sound reduction, meeting all U.S. standards, according to the company.

EVGuard MPE is a high performance multi-layer polyester film used for heavy impacts and printed laminated safety glass applications. In combination with EVGuard EVA films, EVGuard MPE establishes an additional advantage in terms of stability, durability, shear modulus effect and printability, according to the company, adding that using the products together produces a high-impact resistant glass which can also make a decorative safety/security product when required.

Machinery, Aluminum Fabrication

Pro Line Automation Systems, Zipper CNC-11LZ

The Zipper CNC-11LZ Thermal Break Insertion Machine from Pro-Line Automation Systems Ltd. features 11-axis CNC control, a large work envelope and a flexible tooling system. The CNC-11Z is well suited to long or short production runs. To maintain consistent shear strength throughout the entire length of the assembly the CBC -11LZ features the same patented automatic compensating knurling and crimping system as the previous Zipper models, and combines all three processes (knurling, insertion and crimping) into one machine, saving floor space, labor costs and time. A completely redesigned “quick change,” flexible nesting system fully supports the extrusion along the entire length and maintains the width of the assembly within +/- 0.010-inch over the full working length of the machine (24 feet).

Machinery, Apps and Tools

Lisec, Online Product Configurator

Lisec’s Online Product Configurator allows users to access and configure processing machines and lines freely according to their specific requirements and personal vision. Lines or processing solutions can be assembled on the Lisec website, which allows experimenting with a wide range of options and details. The first line available in the configurator was the Lisec SplitFin processing line, and new machines and lines are added continuously. Once the user is satisfied with their individually assembled line, they can get an email summary including an image preview and technical detail information. Within two weeks, the company’s sales team will follow up with a definite quotation, which will be the basis for an advisory consultation. The configurator is optimized for all user devices
(desktop, smartphone and tablet) and can be used quickly and easily. Individual configurations can be printed to provide a clear overview, or forwarded conveniently via email.

Machinery, CNC Cutting Lines

Intermac, Master One 3- or 4-Axis CNC

Intermac offers its new Master One 3- or 4-axis CNC machining center for processing glass, demonstrating its range of machining operations, small footprint and ergonomic design. Suitable for large companies that require both high run-time for multiple shifts and small companies that require precision and ease of use, the Master One has maximum acceleration and axis speeds, for quick processing time. An optional pressure intensifier
is available to further increase processing speeds from 40-60%. It’s also equipped to operate the Diamut Helix tool that produces holes in glass, complete with integrated upper and lower countersinks for glass sheets up to ¾-inch thick, without the need for a tool change.

Machinery, Bevelers, Edgers, Polishers, Seamers

Salem Flat Glass & Mirror, Bovone Mini Max 471

The Mini Maxi 471 is part of the Bovone 400 Series of bevelers and is available from Salem Flat Glass & Mirror. It is a straight line beveling machine for cerium polished bevel and pencil edge grinding. The 400 Series has three models: the 471, 462 and the 461+1. They are designed for high production environments and built to deliver years of reliable service. The 471 produces bevels up to 2.25 inches at speeds up to 5.4 meters per minute.
This line of machines is equipped with a Siemens PLC (programmable logic control) that features a touchscreen interface for fast and accurate operation. These programmable logic controlled bevelers can adjust pertinent settings from data entered on a touchscreen interface or recalled from a memory of up to 1,000 programs accurately and quickly.

Machinery, Coating and Digital Printing

Dip-Tech, NEra-D Plus

The Dip-Tech NEra-D Plus is a heavy-duty digital glass printer for serial production of architectural and design applications. With speed, quality, flow, flexibility and efficiency, the printer delivers results for aesthetic and functional glass performance, according to the company. Built on the Dip-Tech NEra-D series platform, this advanced printer is enhanced with an inline process for industrial batches and equipped with an integrated smart dryer that dries at a production speed of up to 120 square meters per hour. The machine is compatible with Dip-Tech’s wide range of digital inks, including the new gold-based inks series.

Machinery, Cutting Equipment

Lisec, Cutting and Sorting Systems

Lisec offers glass cutting and sorting systems, individual components and complete production lines for insulating and laminated glass, as well as machines for the processing of glass edges and air cushion tempering systems.

Machinery, Drilling

CMS, Vertical Glass Production Line

CMS offers its Profi le/Vertec production line, which is comprised of a full function, vertical CNC work center with a milling/drilling unit downstream. According to the company, the vertical drill has four interpolated axes plus two tool change axes for holes and countersinks on rectangular and shaped glass panes.

Machinery, Insulating Glass

Erdman Automation, Unmanned Robotic IG Work Cell

Erdman released the Unmanned Robotic IG Work Cell to help readers save energy and space, and they responded. This robot produces large size insulating glass (IG) up to 5 by 12 feet with no direct labor, which enhances safety because all heavy lifting is performed by robots. The use of robots not only minimizes labor, but also reduces the amount of floor space by roughly half. The target cycle times are one, 5-by-12 foot IG unit every minute without gas filling, and every 90 seconds with gas filling. The floor space needed is approximately 20 by 75 feet. The robotic work cell system will run consistently to produce 1,440 units of non-gas filled glass per 24 hours at 100% efficiency, according to the company.

Machinery, Laminating Lines and Equipment

Glaston, Lamination Technology

Glaston offers its latest developments in lamination technology. In addition, its Insight Reporting is also now available for ProL to monitor furnace production data, energy consumption and maintenance needs online. Processors get immediate feedback on how productivity is progressing. Designed for recipe-free processing, ProL offers maximum efficiency, ease of use and consistently high glass quality with no need to make any
adjustments. ProL-zone is also available as an upgrade for any brand of existing lamination machine.

Machinery, Tempering Equipment

Mappi, Industry 4.0 Technologies

Mappi has been focusing on how the application of Industry 4.0 technologies can change the way people work in the glass industry. After its integration with Siemens and with its new Mind-Sphere operating system, the new generation of Mappi tempering furnaces will implement new solutions for glass tempering. The company highlights the possibilities of analysis, management and prediction offered by modern networked machines, which help users organize production, plan and achieve results and optimize energy consumption, according to the company.

Machinery, Washing Machines

Billco, Foundation Series

Billco recently released a new economical washer that blends the ruggedness and simplicity of its legacy washer with a new design and some advanced features, according to the company. The Foundation Series can anchor any tempering, laminating or insulating line, according to the company. The heavy-duty washer is available in 60-inch and 96-inch conveyor widths. The machine features a helical gear drive system, quick change bearing blocks, integrated and directed self-cleaning trays and a preventative maintenance program to assist with ease of maintenance.

Movable Glass Wall Systems

Solar Innovations, SI3000 and SI330000

Solar Innovations’ folding glass wall systems (SI3000 and SI33000) have multiple sill options and profile dimensions, providing performance and design flexibility. According to the company, it provides some of the largest folding glass walls (3½ feet by 9½ feet) currently on the market tested for Florida ratings. Outside of impact rated zones, the panels can reach the size of 4 feet by 12 feet or larger, depending upon location and final engineering approval. Every aspect of the doors can be customized, including sizes, finishes, hardware and configurations. Solar Innovations uses stainless steel and aluminum hinges on all folding doors to ensure a long lifespan, serviceability and durability.

Personal Protective Equipment

HUB Industrial Supply, Cut Armour line

USGlass readers had their sights on HUB Industrial Supply’s line of cut-resistant workwear that’s aimed at protecting workers. The Cut Armour line of pullovers, aprons and jackets offers cut- and puncture-resistance while maintaining a comfort level that workers will appreciate, according to the company. The quarter-zip pullover features ANSI/ISEA 105 A5 cut protection on all exposed areas with a moisture-wicking fabric for extra comfort under the arms and in the back. The protective areas also have an ANSI puncture rating of 4 and an EN 388 rating of 3544E. The sleeves feature Comfort Palm thumbholes to ensure no part of the wrists or arms are exposed while working.

Protective Glazing

Viracon, Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant

Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant (FE/BR) from Viracon is a triple insulating glass-clad polycarbonate laminate makeup that has been tested as part of a complete glazing system to the Department of State FE/BR test method SD-STD-01.01 RV.G. It is available with the options of adding a solar performance coating as well as digital or silk-screen printing on the number two surface. It is available in sizes from 24 by 24 inches up to 60 by 108 inches.

Surface Protection/Coatings and Equipment

Diamon Fusion International, FuseRocket

The FuseRocket from Diamon Fusion International (DFI) is a bilateral, inline hydrophobic coating machine that streamlines the application of the Diamon-Fusion protective coating via a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. Its horizontal design seamlessly integrates into any tempering line, and coats both sides of the glass; it can also alternate to single-sided. The FuseRocket comes in 4-, 6-, and 8-feet in depth sizes, and has a footprint of 30 square feet. It can treat up to 57,600 square feet of glass per hour and can coat any type of glass, such as IG units, shower doors, heavy fabricated glass, etc., adjusting for various glass sizes.

Shower Door Products and Hardware

Cardinal, Priva-Tech Shower Enclosures Cardinal’s unique Priva-Tech shower enclosures provide an elegant and contemporary approach to in-shower privacy, with custom patterns, shapes and colors fused with glass in the tempering process, according to the company. Priva-Tech allows shower design professionals and consumers to define the color, opacity, shape and style of the privacy area of any shower glass panel. The glass specialists at Cardinal can then create a finished shower glass panel, using its in-house
Satori digital in-glass printing. This in-glass process fuses a special ink
frit with the glass during the tempering process. Since the digitally printed
graphics are fused into the glass, the outside glass surfaces remain smooth
to the touch, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance.


Fenetech, FeneVision Ultimate

FeneTech provides software designed to help fabricators, manufacturers, suppliers, machinery and software streamline processes through ease of communication. The company introduced its latest release of its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, FeneVision Ultimate. Designed for glass fabricators and door and window manufacturers, it provides features such as pricing and costing, capacity planning, production scheduling, lineal optimization, tracking control and invoicing, among several others.

Tools and Supplies

Bavelloni, Glass Processing Tools

Bavelloni offers a full range of tools for glass processing machinery and equipment. These include metal and resin bond cup wheels, grinding wheels, polishing wheels, bits and countersinks. The tools are available for a range of equipment types including straight line edging and double edging machines, beveling machines and horizontal and vertical work centers.


MyGlassTruck, Full Coverage Digitally Printed Curtains

All MyGlassTruck curtain-side glass trucks and trailers are now available with full coverage digitally printed curtains in full color. Companies can now leverage their glass trucks as rolling billboards, turning every delivery run into an advertising opportunity, according to the company. Constructed from double-weave polyester and reinforced around the wheels, the curtains are durable and flexible under harsh conditions. Each curtain slides smoothly on ball-bearing rollers in a one-piece aluminum track and features quick release buckles and ratcheting front and rear tensioners for fast opening and closing.

Equipment, Handling and Lifting (3-way tie)

Bystronic Glass, Easy Lift

Easy-Lift is a handling device with rigid load guidance from Bystronic Glass. Readers like that the insulating glass unit can be suctioned so that its lower edge is completely horizontal when hanging in the air, without manual intervention by the operator. Afterwards, Easy-Lift ensures that the hanging units can be positioned accurately at a stepless, adjustable lifting speed. All vacuum creation is done by Venturi nozzles which have an included self-holding system for each pad, according to the company.

SmartLift, SL408HL

SmartLift’s SL408HL is designed for the modern-day glazier. Requiring no hydraulics for operation, it provides the glazier with 1/64-inch movements. All models come standard with a remote control, outriggers and 5 inches of total side shift. SmartLift mobile manipulators are providing glaziers with a tool to eliminate lifting on the job or in the shop, according to the company.

Wood’s Powr-Grip, Suction Cups

Wood’s Powr-Grip offers a variety of suction cups for handling and lifting glass products safely. The suction cups offer fast attach and release and are available for various load capacities. The company provides a variety of suction cups, including hand-held products as well as ones for vacuum lifters.

Curtainwalls, Façades, Storefronts and Entrances; Skylights and Overhead Glazing

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®, Curtainwall and Glazing Systems and Custom Engineered Skylights

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® was a winner for its curtainwall and glazing systems as well as its custom engineered skylights. The company offers fully integrated all-glass and aluminum entrance doors and storefronts. In addition, the company provides a range of overhead glazing products, including pre-engineered and custom skylights. These include the pre-engineered Versalite™ skylight, which is shipped completely assembled, pre-glazed and ready to install. The framing system is fully guttered, and the perimeter framing is thermally broken to provide maximum energy performance and reduce condensation, according to the company.

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