After canceling its annual user conference last month, FeneTech Inc. plans to offer its customers a user conference after all—in a virtual environment.

“To be sure, this is a challenging time for everyone, but we’re all in this together,” says Ron Crowl, president and CEO. “Why not use this time to prepare a return to normal armed with an arsenal of tools to make your business even better than before? Let’s not miss a beat.”

Initially scheduled for June 1-3, FeneTech will move the virtual conference dates to May to take advantage of any downtime companies may presently be experiencing. FeneTech will hold its virtual conference sessions at 11 a.m. EST and 4 p.m. EST daily; one window session and one glass session will be offered in the mornings, and a joint session will be offered in the afternoon. The afternoon sessions will be followed by a virtual happy hour.

Since 2002, FeneTech has hosted its user conference each June in Cleveland, and, since 2016, also in destination cities in Europe. Over the years, the conference has evolved from a gathering of 12 attendees to more than 200 FeneVision users attending over 60 sessions at last year’s events.

This year marks the first that the company will be offering its conference virtually.

“Our plan to offer this virtual conference is another way to thank our valued customers for trusting in us to continue supporting them,” says Horst Mertes, CEO of FeneTech Europe. “Challenging times compel us all to be creative in how we take care of our industry.”

For information about registering for the 2020 Virtual FeneTech User Conference, visit FeneTech’s website.