The second day of the 13th FeneVision User Conference in Cleveland, which is designed to provide software developer FeneTech direct feedback from its biggest clients in the door and window industry, opened with a discussion of FeneVision’s digitizing and inspection products.

DSC_02211The tools have been created in conjunction with Austrian engineering firm SoftSolution.

First, Nate Huffman of FeneTech told attendees about FeneVision Virtual Digitizing, which can help glass manufacturers create custom shapes quickly and easily.  All a user has to do take a customer’s template, set up the shape with targets, take a photo with a calibrated camera, import the photo into Virtual Digitizing and export the dxf file to a fabrication system.

Next, Huffman discussed the FeneVision LineScanner, which can quickly detect defects in glass.

Finally, Huffman talked about the FeneVision Cullet Scanner for break testing. This relatively new product increases accuracy and eliminates the need to manually count cullets.

After the morning introductory meeting, attendees went into sessions that covered every aspect of FeneVision.

The annual event is not just about software, however. FeneTech treated attendees to a dinner cruise around Cleveland on Monday night and a bowling event on Tuesday evening.