The Fenzi Partecipazioni holding company purchased capital of Tecglass, a Spanish producer of digital glass printing machinery and components.

Established in 2002, Tecglass has produced a range of digital printing machinery specific to the glass industry. With its technology, ceramic inks can be applied on interior and exterior glass lites ranging from 380-by-380 millimeters to a 3,300-by-18,000 millimeters.

“After following the innovative technology developed by Tecglass with great interest for many years, I am enthusiastic about the results that can be achieved by offering Tecglass the financial solidity and commercial strength of our group,” says Alessandro Fenzi, CEO of the Fenzi group. “Our holding is always looking for innovative developments in the glass industry and Tecglass is an investment opportunity that is in line with our research criteria.”

Adds Javier Fernandez, cofounder of Tecglass: “My partner Manuel Ramos and I are very happy to join the Fenzi group. We started working with Fenzi many years ago and for some time now Tecglass has been successfully distributing Fenzi products in Spain. We have recently developed a range of leading-edge digital printers and an alliance with a strong partner such as the Fenzi group is what Tecglass needs at this time to convert its technological leadership into a market leadership.”