EcoVadis, an international platform that evaluates the corporate social responsibility of companies and supply chains, has assigned Fenzi a high rating in recognition of its corporate sustainability management. Fenzi earned the EcoVadis silver medal award, which is achieved by only 25% of the companies evaluated, according to the company.

The EcoVadis evaluation methodology is based on international standards, such as the Global Reporting Index, ISO 26000 and the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact.

At the Fenzi Group, responsibility toward employees and the environment not only means respecting the standards of the various countries in which it operates but going beyond the limits set by law, according to the company. Due to its quality control system, that responsibility is also based on careful evaluation of the raw materials, using only those with the least environmental impact and the lowest VOC emissions during processing, and on the traceability of products sold by completing precise safety checklists for greater traceability of the materials used. It also depends on the monitoring of pollutant emissions at all phases of production, the correct management and disposal of wastes, a substantial safety policy implemented both through staff training, and efficient checks of staff upon entering the facility.