The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) has updated a test method evaluating the performance and durability of the integration of a fenestration product with a building envelope. AAMA 504-20, Voluntary Laboratory Test Method to Qualify Vertical Fenestration Installation Procedures, originally was created in 2005. This is its first update.

“The robust integration of windows and doors with the building envelope in a wide variety of wall configurations and environmental exposures presents unique challenges to ensure acceptable performance,” says Jim Katsaros (Dupont Performance Building Solutions), chair of the Test Method to Qualify Installation Procedures Update Task Group. “AAMA 504 provides a standardized assembly test method for manufacturers to verify that the building envelope interface with various installation instructions exhibit consistent air and water holdout performance, as well as durability.”

Per AAMA 504, manufacturers should be aware that they are ultimately responsible for providing adequate installation instructions for their products. However, the document can serve as a guide.

“AAMA 504 provides a standardized test method for all manufacturers to verify their various installation instructions in a consistent manner,” says Joe Hayden (Pella Corporation), vice chair of the task group.

AAMA 504-20, as well as other AAMA documents available from FGIA, may be purchased from the online store.