Kinestral Technologies unveiled the first installation of its new Halio smart-tinting glass this week at Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc.’s San Francisco office.

Halio is a responsive “smart-tinting” glass that transitions from clear to dark within seconds and achieves its darkest, neutral gray state in less than three minutes, according to the company.

At Alexandria’s San Francisco office, Halio replaced the conventional glass in a large central skylight over the employee lounge. It was also installed in two of the meeting rooms.

“We see applications for Kinestral’s Halio smart-tinting glass in both interior and exterior glazing locations,” says Greg Gehlen, senior vice president of construction and development at Alexandria. “In exterior locations, the glass can limit glare in the dark state without blinds while allowing clear vision in the clear state. In interior locations, we are using this for variable privacy in conference rooms.”

“Alexandria builds and manages cutting-edge workspaces for leading life science and technology entities,” adds Craig Henricksen, vice president of marketing at Kinestral. “The fact that Alexandria employees are experiencing the benefits of Halio is an affirmation that Halio glass creates superior work environments.”