Glass and glass product manufacturing prices increased in May, rising 0.5% after decreasing by a revised 0.5% in April. This is according to the U.S. Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, which released its monthly Producer Price Index (PPI) on Thursday. The PPI measures price changes before products reach consumers. The year-to-year PPI for the glass manufacturing index was up 1.4% compared to May 2023.

The overall PPI dropped by 0.2% this past month after increasing by an unrevised 0.5% in April. According to media reports, the PPI unexpectedly fell in May after experts predicted a 0.1% increase. In the 12 months through May, the PPI increased 2.2% after rising 2.3% in April.

Glass and Glazing Material Prices

Flat Glass—The PPI percentage for flat glass rose by 0.2% in May, following a revised 0.1% drop in April (the only month in 2024 in which flat glass prices have dipped). Year-to-year, flat glass prices are up 0.9% compared to May 2023.

Flat Glass Manufacturing—May’s flat glass manufacturing PPI increased by 0.3%, ending two months of declining prices (March: -0.3%; April: -0.3%). Flat glass manufacturing prices were down 0.3% yearly compared to May 2023. The flat glass manufacturing PPI consists of flat glass (float, sheet and plate processes) made by flat glass producers.

Fabricated Structural Metal Products—The PPI for fabricated structural metal products declined by 0.1% in May, the fourth consecutive month that the grouping’s PPI dropped. Year-to-year, prices for the index remained 1.9% higher. Fabricated structural metal products include metal linings, culverts, casings, bar joists and plates.

Ornamental and Architectural Metalwork—Ornamental and architectural metalwork product prices rose again in May, this time by 2.8%. This follows a revised 3.5% increase in April. Year-to-year, the index’s PPI was 8.7% higher than in May 2023. Ornamental architectural metals are designed for aesthetic purposes when placed on high-end buildings.

Metal Windows—Metal window prices increased by 0.2% in May, ending two months of steady rates. Year-to-year, metal window prices were down 0.3% compared to May 2023. Metal windows include window frames comprised of aluminum or steel.

Metal Doors and Frames—Metal door and frame prices did not increase for the fourth straight month, hovering around 0%. Despite the flat reading, year-to-year prices for metal doors and frames were up by 0.9% compared to May 2023.

Builders’ Hardware—Prices for builders’ hardware, including door and window hardware, were flat for the third consecutive month. The last price increase for the sector was a 1.5% jump in February 2024. Year-to-year, prices for builders’ hardware products were down 0.9% compared to May 2023.

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