Brian Albanese and father, Michael Spaccaforno

Forno Enterprises Inc. of Trout Creek, N.Y., is the latest company to complete the North American Contractor Certification (NACC) program. The NACC program is an ANSI-accredited, third-party process that was built for the architectural glass and metal installation community.

The NACC program requires contractors to adhere to high quality standards. Measuring competency and proficiency, the certification program recognizes contractors such as Forno that are consistently practicing quality, according to a release from NACC.

Forno vice president Brian Albanese says the veteran-owned company focuses on the core practices of accountability, consistency and quality.

“There are procedures and forms that are strictly adhered to—from the moment a contract is signed until the fabricated product is installed in the field,” says Albanese. The company has found success in this approach and the principles of consistency it has practiced since 1988, when Albanese’s father, Michael Spaccaforno, started the business.

“To be certified and recognized on a national basis and against our peers gives Forno Enterprises Inc. the edge and distinction that makes us stand out against other glazing contractors,” says Albanese.

Forno decided to pursue NACC certification partially due to an industry mindset of instant gratification.

“We all want things now … as a result, project schedules are very tight with shrinking budgets. People no longer have the patience to follow the correct steps of construction and, as a result, many buildings suffer long-term problems,” says Albanese.

Albanese says the process of achieving NACC certification made Forno review and revitalize its existing guidelines and documents.

“I think that being certified will keep Team Forno striving to be one of the most successful glazing contractors in the State of New York. I am extremely satisfied with the certification process and would highly recommend it to any company who is striving to be one of the tops leaders in their industry,” he says.