Attendees of the GANA Fall Conference join for brunch Thursday.
Attendees of the GANA Fall Conference join for brunch Thursday.

The Glass Association of North America (GANA) has been keeping busy. That was evident this week as GANA technical director Urmilla Sowell presented an update on the association’s technical activities Wednesday at its fall conference.

Currently, GANA consists of seven divisions and three committees—such as the Glazing Industry Code Committee—with 60 active task groups and subcommittees.

Meanwhile, it has published a total of 65 glass informational bulletins (GIBs), and Sowell said 34 documents are currently being developed or updated.

Other activities include the development of safety bulletins, white papers, test standards and test specifications. GANA also currently has nine active AIA presentations and nine manuals that are being developed or updated.

Finally, Sowell noted GANA’s involvement with many other associations and that it keeps tabs on a variety of standards, including ANSI, ISO and ASTM. “There are at least 75 ASTM standards we keep track of,” she said.

Also on Wednesday, Kim Mann gave the general counsel report. He discussed pending proceedings within the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that could impact the industry, including one that seeks to transfer certification obligations from safety glazing fabricators to their downstream customers. GANA opposes this, and Mann said the proceeding might go away if it remains on the backburner for an extended period of time.

He also discussed a proposal published by the CPSC calling for labeling of “slippery floor materials, which we think includes glass floors and perhaps glass stairways.” The label would display a product’s coefficient of friction, which he said has been proposed to protect the elderly.

Mann touched on some proceedings that have been completed including the substitution of ANSI z97.1 test method for CF1201 procedures, effective April 22, 2016. Additionally, he briefly talked about the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Toxic Heavy Metals” emissions regulations, which the EPA is ramping up its implementation on, particularly as it relates to the stained glass industry.

The GANA conference concluded Thursday. Stay tuned to™ for continued coverage.