The Glass Association of North America (GANA) is looking to teach the government something about glass. At its fall conference in Kansas City, Mo., the association’s Protective Glazing Council voted to set up a task group focused on government affairs and legislation outreach.

Council chair Liz Grimes of Curbell Plastics proposed on Wednesday to create the group, which plans to organize a meeting with government-level decision-makers.

Attendees participating in the discussion agreed that the group must come up with a central topic to take to an agency such as the General Services Administration, since access and time will be limited.

“We need a single subject to go in there with—for example, ‘building resiliency,’” said Valerie Block of Kuraray.

Committee members concurred that it would be in the best interest of the industry to focus on a subject that could have a direct impact on future government projects, such as retrofitting old buildings.

“We need to find a need that they have, or a development we’ve had recently in the industry that they’re not up to date with yet,” said Ron McCann of Viracon. “That way we’re helping them.”

Block called on those industry members with contacts and affiliations within the government to get involved with this outreach.

“There are some people in this room who have close relationships with some of these agencies, and these are the people we need to help us move forward,” said Block. “It’s all about connections.”

Dave Horschig of Tremco was one member who offered his support for the group. “We’ve had success in the past working with the GSA,” he said.

Later in the day during the Insulating Division Meeting, one of the many task groups developing a Glass Information Bulletin (GIB)—Describing Architectural Glass Construction—formally disbanded, as the 18-page document has been published.

Also, the Marketing Committee opted to restructure. The group was previously divided into three subcommittees: membership, external communication and internal communication. However, it voted to merge the three back into the one collaborative committee.

The GANA Fall Conference concluded Thursday. Stay tuned to™ for continued coverage.