The Glass Association of North America (GANA) has released a new Glass Informational Bulletin (GIB) titled “Glossary of Terms for Color and Appearance.” The new GIB provides detailed definitions and examples for terms such as chroma, dichroism and metamerism.

“Historically, there has been much inconsistency in the use of terms that describe the color and appearance of decorative glass. This document is intended to clarify, without formidable technicality and with simple examples, the meaning of nearly 30 of the most important of these properties,” says Jeff Nixon of Glass Coatings and Concepts, who chaired the GIB task group. “It will provide immense value when communicating with customers or suppliers about design targets, product specifications, troubleshooting or other color or appearance issues.”

The GIB is available to GANA members at no charge and to others for $15 per GIB on the GANA website.