As GlassBuild America 2021 gains momentum, so do its exhibitors. Glass and glazing companies are combining new products with tried and true offerings that signify a solidified present and an innovative future.

Keraglass USA’s machinery is front and center at GBA 2021.

Keraglass USA brought its machinery to Atlanta, displaying its rollers cleaning machine for attendees to scan. “We have samples of laminated glass with digital print inside,” says sales director Franco Capecchi. “ . . . We can customize the equipment very easily for the customers. That’s actually what we do 50% of the time.”

Raw material shortages have consistently challenged adhesive manufacturers. Daubert Chemical Company has maintained stock for customers in the face of adversity.

The Daubert team displaying adhesives and distinct designs at GBA 2021.

“We manufacture adhesives for profile wrapping,” says director of adhesives Mike VandenBerg. “I think it’s continuing to support the industry. [We’re] showing off the main part of the product line and saying, ‘This is something that isn’t going away.’ Putting the decorative material on top of a rigid service is something that’s more desirable today than it was five years ago—and it’s going to be more desirable in five years from now.”

Reliable’s AEL-42 louvers stand out at GBA 2021.

Reliable honed in on its hallmark offering, highlighting its long-time louvre. “These are our AEL-42 louvers,” says Dorothy Thomas, business development manager. “This has a glazing frame adapter around it, which can be glazed into any window system instead of a piece of glass. We’ve been building these for about 40 years.”

Reliable’s sales have held steady throughout the pandemic, but it’s pursuing creative ways to reach its customers from a distance. From container and truck driver shortages, the Corpoplast Tape Corporation has felt COVID’s attempt to corner the industry but remains thankful for product demand.

Corpoplast’s team and its tape aims to please at GBA 2021.

“As every year, we are presenting our single-sided and double-sided tape portfolio,” says sales manager Ann-Kristin Gehle. “But we always make sure there are new products getting into the market. Currently, we are working on pushing and promoting new acrylic mask tapes.”

Better Vacuum Cups has offered woodworking vacuum cups since its 2005 founding. Today, the company also offers stone and glass vacuum cups. “Our holding power of our vacuum cup is twice that of the other guys,” says owner Mike McClaren. “You can use half the amount of cups. When you’re manufacturing a big glass table, instead of setting up 15 vacuum cups, you can set up seven and cut your setup time in half.”

McClaran incorporated glass vacuum cups a decade after the company’s founding.

McClaran hopes the time saver allows builders to make one more trip to their respective machinery stations at the end of the day.

Tecnoglass also had new products on display, namely the NanoEC Smart Glass, which has the capabilities of integrating with existing smart technology. This can make windows the latest addition to a home’s Amazon Alexa-controlled fleet. The tints can automatically darken or lighten depending on the outside environment, which can mitigate wasted energy and lowered costs.

Ray-Bar Engineering Corp. had a selection of samples on display—featuring different types of security glazing to offer protection from bullets, blasts, ballistics, radiation and fire. Vince Wohler, vice president of Ray-Bar, noted the attendance on the first day as being quiet, but said that it’s important to get out onto the floor and see customers in-person.

Arizona Shower Door Inc., had an array of barn doors on display, but one set was a noteworthy inclusion in the company’s portfolio, the all-glass bypass barn door. Compared to ordinary barn doors which consist of one stationary panel and another that glides open and closed, the bypass additions feature two moving panels. The all-glass one in particular, replaces some hardware with glass pieces—such as the towel bar, which stretches across one of the panels where one would normally expect to find a metal rod.

GlassBuild America continues through tomorrow. Stay tuned to for more news and updates from the show.

Chris Collier contributed to this report.