GCI Consultants LLC has merged with air consulting firm Indoor Air Quality Consulting Partners (IAQCP). According to GCI, the new acquisition will allow it to offer in-house services for protecting both the exterior and interior of new and renovated residential or commercial buildings.

The new indoor air quality team will specialize in hospital indoor air quality, hotel indoor air quality, office building indoor air quality and commercial indoor air quality. Hall Brodie and Nate Sanders will lead the team.

“The merger of GCI and IAQ Consulting Partners elevates GCI into a class of its own,” says Paul Beers, one of the managing partners at GCI Consultants. “ … If buildings are properly protected from the outside, now we are prepared to help owners assess and correct problems on the inside, when water or other elements are creating problems.”

He adds, “We couldn’t be more perfectly poised for growth, and feel like 2014 will be a significant milestone for all involved.”