Tutor Perini Building Corp. (TPBC), based in Arizona, filed a complaint against Jangho Curtain Wall Americas Co. Ltd, Elicc Americas Corp., Ethan Li and the Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania alleging a breach of contract among other items.

The complaint, filed July 11, 2017 with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, pertains to a curtainwall project for the Chestnut Street Tower in Philadelphia.

TPBC and Jangho, based in Nevada, entered a subcontract on December 28, 2012 to perform work on the 481,000-square-foot, 34-story student housing facility for $21 million.

TPBC claims that Jangho abandoned the project in August 2014 after repeated delays, incorrect dimensions resulting in damage and contradictory information about where the project’s curtainwall panels would be assembled.

According to the complaint, TPBC incurred damages of more than $5.7 million and other subcontractors asserted claims exceeding $6.1 million because of Jangho’s delays and disruptions.

“Jangho failed to properly perform and complete the project, committed material breaches and defaults on the project and, ultimately, abandoned the project. This required TPBC to notify Jangho’s bonding company and to terminate the subcontract, which caused TPBC to incur substantial damages,” alleges the complaint. “Shortly after termination, Jangho shut down its business and the CEO of Jangho [Ethan Li] started another curtain wall manufacturing and fabricating company [Elicc Americas Corporation] using the same U.S. address.”

TPBC requested a trial by jury and judgement in its favor for the $5.7 million in damages, pre- and post-judgment interest, court costs and other relief granted by the court.