Giroux Glass Inc. has enhanced its fabrication capabilities with the installation of a new RhinoFAB 1100TM machining center in its San Bernardino, Calif.-based plant. Manufactured by deMichele Group, this machinery provides a complete solution for cutting, drilling and light routing for storefront and curtainwall systems.

“I’m excited to add this to our San Bernardino facility because of how much it improves our efficiencies in fabrication. Compared to making cuts manually. . . the result is a better, more accurate end product that is sharper and more precise, less subject to human error,” says Bob Linford, vice president of Giroux’s California operations.

Whereas the previous systems used at the plant simply helped to cut the metal, the new RhinoFAB 1100 enables mitering, angled cuts, notches and countersinking.

“One of the system’s main benefits is that it reduces the number of times that shop workers actually need to touch the product. It increases efficiency for workers both in the shop and in the field,” says Michelle Fainberg, CAD manager for Giroux Glass.

According to the company, by receiving materials more quickly, field workers can complete projects earlier than they did previously, with shorter wait times to receive necessary components.

Another reason Linford looks forward to using this equipment is that with the use of the system’s compatible “Glaziers Studio” estimating and fabrication software package, estimators can include product from a greater variety of manufacturers. Training on the new system has already begun and is set to be complete by the end of February 2018.