From left: Giroux director of finance Haik Khatchatrian; CEO and president Nataline Lomedico; COO Stephanie Lamb; project manager Duane Stanley; and general manager Marty McKinley.

In response to a heightened level of construction activity currently taking place in Arizona, glazing contractor Giroux Glass has expanded its reach to the state by opening a new location in Phoenix. While the physical location is new, the company has had a business license in the state since 2007 when it provided glazing for the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

The new facility is more than 5,000 square feet and will offer the same glass and metal panel work offered by Giroux at its other locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Fresno, Calif. The company plans to expand into other specialty work as it increases its field labor pool. Its new facility has the ability to leverage other Giroux Glass facilities’ resources and crews as well.

“Conversations and planning for expansion into Arizona have been ongoing since 2014. As with any decision to expand, overall assessment of our business and the timing of the project were of top priority. Between 2014 and 2017, our main focus was to build out a top-notch team in other locations and transition into 100% employee ownership. We successfully made those transitions and moved forward with expansion into Arizona only after we re-evaluated the market and positioned the right team to lead it,” says CEO Nataline Lomedico.

The company is holding off on securing additional fabrication space until it has enough large-scale projects to warrant a move to a larger facility. However, company leadership plans to expand to a bigger, more centrally-located property in the near future. The Phoenix office will service the entire state, but its major focus will be on the major metro areas of Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff.

Marty McKinley is the new location’s general manager and Duane Stanley is project manager. Both are familiar with the market and have combined experience of 20 years. The two men will lead hiring efforts and currently are seeking additional office and field crews.

“With all of the work that’s here, ultimately what general contractors want most is to work with reliable subs who provide quality work, and do what they promise. I’m so excited to deliver all that and more here, in this market, with a company like Giroux, given our reputation and longevity,” says McKinley.

“We are continually looking for growth opportunities and take advantage of our collaborative team across our company borders. Our company strength is not limited to the individuals within each office; rather, our work reflects a group effort that brings the talent within the whole of Giroux Glass together. Every project presents an opportunity to strengthen relationships, empower our employees and bring value to the construction industry,” adds Lomedico.