Giroux Glass was recognized as a standout employee-owned company by the Los Angeles County Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO). Giroux, a 100% employee-owned company since 2017, was presented with the inaugural DEO “Employee Ownership Commemorative Award.”

Left to right: Kelly LoBianco, director of Los Angeles County’s Department of Economic Opportunity; Holly Mitchell, Los Angeles County supervisor; Anne-Merelie Murrell, former Giroux Glass owner and board chairperson; and Nataline Lomedico, Giroux Glass CEO and president.

Giroux also helped introduce a new program as part of a DEO and Project Equity partnership. The Employee Ownership LA County program was launched in early December and is offered as part of DEO’s Office of Small Business – Small Business Concierge.

According to Giroux officials, the program aims to help business owners throughout Los Angeles County explore options to offer employee stock ownership plans. This would allow employers to share ownership and promote wealth generation and economic growth.

“We call our employees ‘partners’ for good reason,” said Giroux CEO and president Nataline Lomedico. “When we each do our best, we all succeed. At Giroux, our culture is one of camaraderie and collaboration, making us a special place to work. And our clients know that when they talk to any of us, they’re talking to an owner with accountability.”

Officials explain the program helps business owners nearing retirement devise an exit strategy and succession plan. They add that employee-owned businesses also help stave off labor concerns by offering a stake in the company’s success and profits. Employees are more incentivized to produce if their work directly correlates to increased profits, which trickle down to them.

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