Glass Apps LLC, a provider of switchable glass and smart film, which changes from clear and opaque states on demand, has acquired the production assets of Citala, the original inventor of switchable film. A key component of the acquisition includes Citala’s switchable polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) film manufacturing line, one of two in North and South America.

Taliq, founded in 1986 and later known as Citala, invented, patented and commercialized PDLC window film technology and products.

“Citala’s products were developed using different coating methods and have unique attributes to other competing products,” says Thomas Lee, Glass Apps CEO. “This acquisition will give Glass Apps and DMDisplay the capability to leverage the two leading PDLC technologies in the world and deliver the widest range of switchable film and smart glass products, while expanding DMDisplay’s manufacturing capability to the United States.”

“We are very pleased to partner exclusively with Glass Apps to deliver smart glass and film solutions throughout North and South America,” says Jaewoon Lim, DMDisplay chairman. “This combines leading edge PDLC smart film technology, developed in Korea, with local U.S. manufacturing and production for best-of-breed smart glass and film solution delivery.”