From Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., glass companies in cities throughout the U.S. are having to replace broken glass at damaged businesses after weekend protests over the death of George Floyd, who died in police custody in Minneapolis last week.

Brent Park, owner of the Park Place Gourmet deli in Washington, D.C., told DCist that he estimated that repairs to his business will cost over $10,000. However, the first glass company he called was too busy fixing other buildings in the area to assist him. At Elmwood Village in Buffalo, N.Y., business owners are asking for donations to pay to replace broken windows.

Has your business been busy replacing glass in affected areas? Please let us know.



  1. We have been getting numerous broken entrance doors and storefronts in NYC over the last few days as well as board ups to prevent their storefronts from being damaged.

  2. We have been inundated with requests and servicing Northwest DC for days; just CVS stores. Surrounding business owners are taking pictures of our truck signage and stopping technicians asking for assistance in the protection of boarding up. There is not enough man power or resources for the demand to secure everyone’s business.
    Tamara Sapp
    Economy Glass of Calvert, Inc
    Owings, Maryland

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