Glass for Europe has issued a statement calling on the European Commission (EC) to “stay consistent” in its upcoming 2030 climate and energy framework.

“To Glass for Europe, the absence of a binding target on energy efficiency would be a sign of the European Commission’s inability to draw lessons from the 2020 policy framework, which failed to deliver the much-needed energy efficiency gains,” writes the group.

“Over the past months, we heard many times Commission officials praising energy efficiency improvements as a means to reduce CO2 emissions, to generate robust economic activity and jobs and to reduce energy dependence. Yet, we hear rumors that the Commission may not propose any objective for energy efficiency either binding or even indicative,” says Bertrand Cazes, secretary general of glass for Europe.

“It would be incomprehensible to count on major energy efficiency improvements to achieve a competitive low-carbon economy and yet to dismiss a target on energy efficiency as part of a 15-year strategy,” he adds.

Specifically, the group has expressed opposition to the EC’s “intention to postpone the decision on a target to the future assessment of the Energy Efficiency Directive expected in June 2014.”

The EC’s plan is scheduled to be released today.