Rochester Insulated Glass’ booth at this year’s GENE.

Glass Expo Northeast™ ′19 (GENE) gave exhibitors and attendees the chance to interact with each other after yesterday’s morning seminars. Everyone from contractors to fourth generation industry project managers spoke about the latest trends they’re seeing. One of the common themes on the showroom floor: the increase in project demand in the Northeast region.

“The main trend we’re seeing relates to job size. All jobs and projects are getting bigger and it’s a good problem to have. The constant high volume allows us to keep putting quality at the forefront,” said Ashlee Bechtold, Rochester Insulated Glass Inc. sales coordinator.

Americlad Quality Metalcrafts showcases its panel display.

Americlad Quality Metalcrafts showcased its variety of panels and spoke to attendees about its custom fabrication options. Representatives also saw an increase in the number of projects they’ve completed

“Each project is specific, and we do the most of the work with just one phone call. Since we don’t stock items, we’re very streamlined and can do most of the building ourselves. Our customers have had us busy lately and that’s something we aren’t complaining about. I think the industry, especially in our area can expect more work in the near future,” said David Ferch, regional marketing manager.

The software side for glass, windows and doors also weighed in on how its services is aiding in the larger project size trend.

“Since we make software that integrates everything with glass, from the production to the machinery and delivery, we’ve been well received in the industry. Lately our company has been gaining new leads from our multifaceted integration, which has created more jobs for us in the future. It’s a trend we’re expecting to last,” said Robert Anderson, A+W Software North America vice president of operations.

The fourth generation team of Sussman Architectural Products discusses its metal bending techniques.

There was also lots of interest at the Sussman Architectural Products booth, as many were interested in the family owned company’s ability to bend metals to create truly unique works of art. But the fourth-generation business highlighted its various finishes, uses of materials and what it’s expecting to continue in the industry.

“We take pride in being a 100 percent solar powered facility with no stock items. Our family has perfected the art of bending metals and creating custom finishes that attract the eye. One thing everyone needs to keep in mind is that things are constantly advancing. And from what we’ve been seeing, people are more interested in the fine-tuning with projects – not to mention the increase in demand for architectural bending involving metal. It’s only going to increase as time goes on,” said Jake Sussman, project manager.

One manufacturing exhibitor aired on the side of caution when speaking about the industry’s future.

Attendees converse with exhibitors on the show floor.

“The main reason we came was to find companies to install our panels and I’d say I’ve met that objective. But [3D paneling] is still a trendy product and I think we need to be careful in this industry. Why – because there are so many opportunities available now [that we don’t want to miss],” said Marc Bolduc, 3D Panels Inc. business development manager.

GENE is open until 2 p.m. today. Stay tuned to for our continuing coverage from the trade show floor.