ProFootballHallofFame-Approved-CourtesyofCanton-Stark County ConventionandVisitorsBureauIncreasingly bigger crowds and new exhibits prompted the Pro Football Hall of Fame to recently expand from 85,000 to 118,000 square feet and move its main entrance to the center of the museum. And with the expansion came a new main entrance—the facility’s “glass gate.”

Designed by Westlake Reed Leskosky, the Hall features a dramatic, two-story glass atrium that covers the new main entrance and grand lobby. The entrance and lobby were relocated to minimize the infiltration of outside air to help to precisely control the temperature and humidity in the museum.

The glass, Guardian’s SunGuard SuperNeutral 54, was fabricated by W.A. Wilson Glass Plus and installed by United Glass and Panel Systems.

The glazing brings abundant natural light into the lobby while managing solar heat, helping the staff administer temperature and humidity requirements critical to maintaining the facility’s one-of-a-kind, historic exhibits.