Several glass industry-related companies were recognized by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on its list of the top sustainably managed companies. Companies on the list create value for shareholders over the long term through leadership and governance practices. The new ranking is based on a review of more than 5,500 publicly traded companies globally and their performance in several key sustainability dimensions, including environmental, human capital, social capital and business model/innovation.

“Each company was scored by combining up to 165 company-reported data items with an analysis of media coverage by more than 8,800 sources available via Factiva, a database information service owned by Wall Street Journal publisher Dow Jones & Co. The scores were created using a hybrid approach that combined artificial intelligence with human validation by the Journal’s environment, social and governance research team,” reads an explanation of WSJ’s methodology.

The following are the glass industry companies that made the list:

Sekisui Chemical: Ranked 10th – The Japanese company manufactures a wide variety of products, including laminated glass interlayers for architectural and automotive applications.

Human capital rank: 4

Social capital rank: 89

Environmental rank: 38

Business model and innovation rank: 30

Arkema: Ranked 11th – The French chemical company’s brands include Bostik, Kynar and Plexiglas.

Human capital rank: 55

Social capital rank: 63

Environmental rank: 15

Business model and innovation rank: 55

AGC: Ranked 13th – The Japanese company manufactures architectural and automotive glass.

Human capital rank: 41

Social capital rank: 72

Environmental rank: 5

Business model and innovation rank: 66

Compagnie de Saint-Gobain: Ranked 20th – The French building materials company’s brands include SageGlass, Saint-Gobain Building Glass, Swisspacer and Vetrotech.

Human capital rank: 48

Social capital rank: 73

Environmental rank: 13

Business model and innovation rank: 56

Kyocera: Ranked 46th – The Japanese company manufactures solar power generating systems and tempered glass for electronics.

Human capital rank: 14

Social capital rank: 78

Environmental rank: 87

Business model and innovation rank: 3

Linde: Ranked 62nd – The U.K.-based company’s gases are used in insulating glass units.

Human capital rank: 62

Social capital rank: 47

Environmental rank: 50

Business model and innovation rank: 72

Eastman Chemical: Ranked 90th – The American company manufactures products used in the glass industry such as PVB interlayers and window films.

Human capital rank: 59

Social capital rank: 52

Environmental rank: 30

Business model and innovation rank: 59