Thad M. Ziegler, the third generation of Thad Ziegler Glass in San Antonio, died September 14 surrounded by family.

Ziegler’s son, Thad W. Ziegler, currently runs Thad Ziegler Glass, which was founded in 1893 by William Ziegler.

Thad M Ziegler (second from left) passed away recently. He is survived by (from left to right) grandson Thad C Ziegler, son Thad W Ziegler, and grandson Will Ziegler.

The company began as Ziegler & Ziegler, specializing in paint, wallpaper and plate glass. Thad M. Ziegler took ownership in 1968 after the passing of his father, Thad C. Ziegler. The company was incorporated in 1969 as Thad Ziegler Glass Inc.

Thad W. Ziegler joined in 1971 and became president in 1986. Thad M. Ziegler’s grandsons, Thad C. Ziegler and William F. Ziegler, joined the company in 1998 and 2004, respectively. Thad C. Ziegler is chief operations officer and William F. Ziegler is contract department manager in the commercial and residential department.

In 2001, the company became Thad Ziegler Glass Limited and operates branches in San Antonio, Boerne, San Marcos and Kerrville.

Jerry Anderson, retired president of Apogee, and his wife, Cathie, met Thad M. Ziegler and his wife, Patsy, at a Flat Glass Marketing Association (FGMA) national convention in Scottsdale, Ariz., in 1974. “We hit it off immediately as couples mainly through our passion for tennis, but Thad and I through a respected business relationship,” Anderson says. Patsy died in June 2016. Thad M. served as president of FGMA from 1983-1984.

Thad M. Ziegler, according to Anderson, “was extremely proud of Ziegler Glass being the oldest family-owned glass business in the USA.”

“It takes a great deal of business leadership to keep a full service, family-owned glass company profitable and continuing for over 100 years in this environment of specialization in glass companies concentrating on one segment of the business,” Anderson says.

Thad M. Ziegler is survived by daughter, Lori Conger; son Thad W. and wife, Lynn; grandchildren Thad C. and his wife, Anna; William F. and his wife, Valerie; Brent Conger and his wife, Hayley; Barbara Schenker and her husband, Max; Hunter Conger and his wife, Mary; and 12 great-grandchildren.