Keith Daubmann

Today’s guest is Keith Daubmann, one of the owners at family business My Shower Door, who shares the glass retailer perspective. Daubmann describes some of the agonizing decisions his company faced as it decided to shut down operations in an effort to keep his employees—and their families—safe.


  1. For me I was surprised that the decision to close was made. With the overhead on multiple locations having no cash flow is hard to make up. Current jobs with materials ready but sitting idle, creates another cash flow issue. I would have a skeleton crew to provide services for those customers willing to let you work. I understand the need to be safe but, as I chose to do, remain open by implementing the use of masks and gloves. This might be the standard for awhile.

    1. Ryan well said. You can rest assure there was a skeleton crew and a rapid response team as well.

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